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The Indio Public Arts & Historic Preservation Commission has introduced a new program for local artists interested in the design and installation of public art on selected traffic signal boxes through out the City. The program is designed as a part of an effort to beautify the City and reduce the instances of graffiti on traffic signal boxes while making them artful objects. The TSB (traffic signal box) program enhances the pedestrian and driving experience by incorporating artwork directly into the streetscape.

The Traffic Signal Box Beautification Project is a public art opportunity to participate through a Request for Proposal process that is open to any local residents living in Indio and within the Coachella Valley. Artists will be encouraged to create a two dimensional art piece for all five sides of the box(s) so that it can be viewed from all directions.

Below is the Request For Proposal (RFP-Four) which contains all the necessary information and requirements for participation (Submittal deadline: Monday, October 31, 2011).  Or, you can visit the website at:

More info can be found here: