Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

This week is a busy one for us.  We have two monumental events lined up for up this weekend (World Famous and Buried Gas Line Art Show), and an even bigger one in the works that we are planning for (big show in December).

The two that we can talk openly about at this moment are going down this weekend!!  The first one will be on Saturday night!!! It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of The CVAS and Alf Alpha’s World Famous monthly party!!!!  We are so excited!!! We are offering super limited edition Polaroid party pictures for our guests!  Each party crew will be able to take a Polaroid photo of themselves home to remember the World Famous party by.  This will be a night not to miss!!! Many other special 1 Year Anniversary party favors to look forward to as well….. you just gotta come to find out.

And the other event that we are getting ready for is the debut of our first ever art gallery!!!!!!!  It’s located inside Epidemic Skateshop’s new Palm Desert location and is featuring the early works of a very special artist that is near and dear to us, Kylie Knight.  We haven’t thrown an art show in a long time, so we are ultra excited about it!!  This event is going down on Sunday night, from 7pm-10pm.  It’s free and all ages.

So, with that being said…. we are quite busy this week and are going to have to have a short (blogging) one.

So, let’s get it started!…

1.  WORLD FAMOUS’s 1 Year Anniversary Party this Saturday!!!  My oh my, can you believe that Alf Alpha and the CVAS have thrown the World Famous party 12 times now???  Crazy!  To be honest, each one flourishes and grows a little more.  Each party we throw is an improvement to our last one.  At each one we try to offer something new, something improved, something different for all of our guests.  We are attempting to master the craft and art of throwing a great event.  The last World Famous (on the last Saturday of last month that celebrated Alf Alpha’s BDay) featured small party favors…. this upcoming one will be party favor GALORE!!! In celebration of a successful year we will be taking Polaroid photos of all of our guests to send them on their way home with something to remember the World Famous party by.  And, much more little party favors… so, make sure to come out and celebrate with us!!

Find more info about the show by clicking the image below:

2.  Buried Gas Line: The CVAS Art Gallery presents Kylie Knight.  So, after you attend our World Famous event on Saturday night at the Ace Hotel… make sure to make it out to the debut of our first-ever CVAS Art Gallery on Sunday night at Epidemic Skateboard Shop!!!!!  We are having our opening show and want everyone to come see what it’s all about.  Our gallery space is located inside Epidemic Skateboard Shop’s new Palm Desert location.  We will be featuring works from the ever so young, beautiful and talented Kylie Knight.   Special musical guests include Alf Alpha.  Limited edition Kylie Knight X Epidemic Skateboard Shop X The Coachella Valley Art Scene shirts will be for sale!  This is an ALL AGES show, is FREE, and goes from 7pm-10pm.  It’s a must that you attend!

3.  INTERVIEW: Kylie Knight.  So, who is this chick, Kylie Knight, anyways?  What’s all the hype about?  We answer all that and much more this week in an intimate interview with the visual artist.  We met Kylie right before we started this blog 3 years ago and are so honored to be able to interview a lady like herself.  She has been a true inspiration to us over the years and we can only hope that her magnetism will rub off on you guys as well once you get to know her.

4.  Foodie Rant with Angie Kat.  Angie Kat is back!  And this week she is serving up some deliciousness to make all of our mouths water.  Angie, why must you tease us – just feed us!!!  Keep a look (and smell) out for Angie’s popular food post later this week.

5.  Spray Paint Party.  Yes, you read right… there is a spray paint party going down in the desert this Friday at the Venus Art Supply store and we thought you guys would like to know.  Not only can you learn some tips and tricks of the trade, but this is where you can meet your fellow spray paint heads from around the desert.  More info after the jump off.

6.  Indio’s Beautification Project.  Indio has another offer for all of you artists out there.  Later this week we give you the run down on the Traffic Signal Beatification Project that offers your work to be on display in the streets and money in your pocket for compensation.  It’s a win-win situation and we can’t wait to give you the 411.

7.  Art Shows a Go Go.  In addition to our super spectacular art show there are a few others in and around the Coachella Valley/High Desert that are happening this weekend as well.  We give you the low down Loretta Brown on each and every one of them later this week.

8.  Commercial Break: Hesh Special.  This week, in honor of art space at Epidemic Skate Shop, we will be gearing our Commercial Break towards a few of the Coachella Valley’s best skaters.  Come back for the top skate videos of the month.

9.  Randoms.  You never know what the Internet will present itself this week.  We might just find some random cool thing on the Internet and do some random post about that random thing.  So, randomly check in every so often to see if we post that random tidbit.

10.  Things 2 Do Thursday.  We are hyped out this one!  And maybe it’s a little bias because we are hosting 2 parties this weekend, but whatever.  There is a bunch of good stuff going on and we want to make sure all you guys know where the cool places are to gather, to meet, and to greet your fellow art community members at.  See ya there!