In celebration of our 1 Year Anniversary of our monthly party, World Famous, we decided to dedicate a blog post to some of our favorite photos, videos, and live recordings from over this past year.

For those who are just tuning in, World Famous is a monthly party hosted by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha.  Alf Alpha ( is our DJ, our sound curator for the night.  He is the master behind taking us all on the highs and lows of the party, and packing the dance floor.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene ( in charge of curating the craft table and the photos – the over all aesthetic of the party.  We aim to make it fun, welcoming, and something that the people build upon (via the craft tables)… so, basically a collaborative effort between party-goers and host.

On the last Saturday of every month this party takes place inside the Amigo Room of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  The Ace Hotel ( is a super popular, uber adorable boutique hotel, that has the same vibe and vision that The CVAS and Alf Alpha have.  From the moment we linked up way back when they opened (we covered a story before they even opened, when our friends the Date Farmers were making art for their hotel) we knew it’d be the perfect match.  The Ace Hotel has the perfect venue to welcome an artistic crowd, and they can “get it” in terms of what we want to do and how we’d like to express ourselves and build our following.  We couldn’t be happier to have it at the Amigo Room.

However, the most important aspect to this party, and what it’s all about, is the party people that come!  They have been the most supportive, encouraging, inspiring, drunk, beautiful, friendly, sassy, and crafty people we’ve ever met.  They are multi-talented folk who know how to hold their liquor, craft, chat, and dance on the packed dance floor (practically) all at the same time.  Y’all impress me!!!

Below is a collection of photos from the past 11 World Famous parties we’ve thrown.  This 12th one is to be a special one!  We look forward to sharing it with you guys.

And don’t forget to look cute – we will be taking lots of photos…. best one being the Polaroid picture of each group of people that we are giving for free.  =)  A little “party perk” if you must…

One Year Anniversary Official flyer:


Listen to these live mixes of Alf Alpha’s set at past World Famous’s:

DJ Alf Alpha -Live at Ace Hotel & Coachella Valley Art Scene’s World Famous Monthly Dance Party by Alf Alpha

DJ Alf Alpha Live in the Mix @ The ACE Hotel Palm Springs WORLD FAMOUS July 2011 by Alf Alpha

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 Thank you once again for your continuous support over the past year.  You guys have made World Famous so fun!

We shall see you this Saturday!!!!!


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