Hello and welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Man oh man…. whatta weekend!  We got to meet and connect with so many of our readers at our two events, the World Famous party at the Ace Hotel on Saturday night and at our debut of our first ever gallery space art show, Buried Gas Line, inside Epidemic Skateboard Shop on Sunday night.  Meeting the people who are fans of the blog and who support our cause is sooooo inspiring to us.  Sometimes – okay… more often then not – we think we are just babbling on to ourselves, that nobody actually reads what we say.  So, when we get to meet our readers – it’s so cool!  They are always cool, creative people.  And, oddly enough, they are always so surprised that we are not robots!  (But to be honest, we are surprised we haven’t turned into robots yet either.)

To everyone we met – nice to meet ya!  To everyone we have yet to meet – see ya at the next one!  We are going to be around for many more years to come, so don’t think your time is limited.  And let’s say you ever can’t make it to an event, but you really  want to tell me about your band, your art, your event, your life, your dog, your grandma… just email me!  I am only an email away… Sarah (+2 points if you remember the “h” at the end of Sarah) at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com.

So, because we met so many cool CVAS readers this past weekend, we are ridicuiulsy inspired to get this weeek rolling!  And, because of this, we are also a little bit more determined than usual to actually blast through the “Week Forecast”‘s to-do list.  The whole list.

However, keep in mind kids, that the “Week Forecast” is simply just a list of predictions brought to you by the CVAS’s blog psychic, Serena.  Serena is our personal psychic who… well…. to be honest… is sometimes is off.  Serena the CVAS’s Psychic is overly ambitious from time to time, predicting more events and information than we (the humans) can possibly produce.  So, bare with us and our bootleg psychic.

  This week, Serena the CVAS’s Psychic, predicts the following:


1.  World Famous Party Recap.  Wow.  Well, what can we say?  This past World Famous was incredible!  It was the biggest one yet!  There were so many beautiful people there, so many cool crafts going down, so many cool dance moves on the dance floor…. it was truly hard to capture it all as we were caught up in the glory of it all as well.  So, bare with us with the lack of photos – however – we do have a good amount of Polaroids, 35mm pictures, and some digitalness to share.  Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our year of hard work – we shall see you for Halloween!!!!


2.  BURIED GAS LINE.  History was made this past Sunday at Epidemic Skateboard Shop in Palm Desert.  It was the debut of The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s first ever curated art gallery space.  We chose to open up the space with our good friend and muse, Kylie Knight.  The girl is the future of young artists in the desert and we were so happy on how many came out, the work, the support, the music and the free burritos (thanks Carlos!).  Recap coming this week.


3.  INTERVIEW: Kylie Knight.  We wanted to feature our interview with Kylie Knight last week, but we were crazy busy and didn’t have the time.  Since a lot of you came to Kylie’s show, or will be visiting it soon on your own time (show will be up for another month or so), we thought we’d like to give you some insight as to who this artist is and why we are so “all about her”.  Can’t wait to introduce Kylie to the web….


4.  Tuesday’s Tumblings.  Every Tuesday we like to do this crazy thing called ‘Tumbling’.  It’s where we go online to one of our favorite new websites, Tumblr, and dig for the coolest desert photos out there.  Thousands of images are shared on Tumblr every day and we here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene are on a mission to re-blog all the coolest Coachella Valley themed ones.  But, because we realized that not everyone is on Tumblr, we will be sharing with you some of the images that we Tumblr with you guys via our official website.  If you do have tumblr, make sure to add us: www.thecvartscene.tumblr.com


5.  Critical Mass.  Speaking of crazy Tuesday tumblings… tonight in Palm Springs will be the Critical Mass bike brigade.  A big group of people will be meeting a certain spot and biking all around town together as one.  So, all your motorist – watch out.  All you cyclist – join in.  It’s time to take over the streets of Palm Springs….


6.  Indio in Miami: Date Farmers sighting.  I get really hype when I see a little bit of the Coachella Valley’s culture rubbing off on other communities.  Last week while lurking the web I found a Date Farmer sighting in Miami, FL.  The guys did a huge mural and we dig it.  For those of you just tuning into The Coachella Valley Art Scene, we will give you a quick run down of who the Date Farmers are and why they are awesome, and why we are happy to see ’em back on the scene.


7.  Foodie Rant with Angie Kat.  Yes!  She’s back!  Our guest writer/foodie/chef/photographer/blogger/Mommy extraordinaire, Angie Kat, is back with a new recipe that she has been cooking up this Summer in her desert swellings.  Angie keeps it light, healthy and ‘desert-heat-friendly’ at all times.  Keep an eye out for this post coming later this week!


8.  Touring Bands Touching Down.  This weekend there are some really cool touring bands coming into town.  They are cool indie bands who are well known in the music world and they are coming to the desert this weekend.  So, let’s show them a good time.  Get out there and expose yourself to some new grooves – we promise they don’t bite.


9.  Randoms.  You never know what we got brewing backstage here at the CVAS blogging headquarters.  So, keep an eye out!!! We might just bust out something truly amazing that wasn’t predicted in our Week Forecast.


10.  Things 2 Do Thursdays.  This weekend is no different from the last 30 weekends….. they are full of music, full of independent events, and full of fun.  All you got to do is check the blog for the listings and show up!  Support your local scene and watch it grow, together.