First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who came out and supported Buried Gas Line this past Sunday evening.  It was a true success and we are looking forward to introducing the next installment to you in the near future.

Secondly, I’d like to thank Epidemic Skateboard Shop for allowing something like the CVAS Art Spaces’s Buried Gas Line event to even happen.  With the support of Epidemic, together we (Epidemic + The CVAS + Kylie Knight) created a permenant space that the younger art community of the desert has a place to call their own.  This first-ever space of its kind is where you will find rotating art works from local artists who styles we believe not only compliment skateboarding and desert culture but also have that speacial “umph” that really makes their work ‘pop’.

This is the first time the CVAS has ever been asked to curate a space in a retail environment and we are super stoked  and excited to watch it evolve.  We hope that more instances like Epidemic’s CVAS Art Space will start popping up at more local businesses around the Coachella Valley.  Having these types of spaces evoke interest, build a community and inspire the youth.

And last, but certainly not least… I’d thank Kylie Knight.  Kylie Knight, 21, is our debut solo-artist who is from Indio and has been a supporter and muse of The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog since day/post #1.  I first met Kylie over three years ago (before I even started the blog) at her art show she hosted inside the Date Farmers art studio in Indio.  It wasn’t until after I met Kylie, saw her work, met her friends, and ate her free fried chicken (yeah, she had fried chicken at her art show – that’s who I knew she was legit) that I knew something like The Coachella Valley Art Scene was going to be possible.  So, thank you Kylie not just providing us with not only great pieces of art to marvel at – but also for all the inspiration over the years.

Make sure to check out the Video and Photo Recap that is featured below.

Video Recap provided by Epidemic Skateboard Shop.

Photos/Editing by Sarah S of The CVAS


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