While prowling around on the Internet a couple days ago we came across something that was a little Coachella Valley, a little Miami, artsy, contemporary, cutting-edge, and controversial.

Our good friends, the Date Farmers (for those of you just tuning into the CVAS, please check all the articles we’ve done on the Indio natives and also check their website) were flown to the East Coast to do a mural for Miaimi’s annual art festival that completely engulfs the city, Art Basel 2011.  In typical fashion, the Date Farmers left a little bit of their hometown (Indio, CA) behind for Miami’s Art Basel 2011 admirers … but not without a little controversy, of course.

Read the excerpts we have taken from two art blogs that we like to follow and let us know what you think about the piece:

“It looks like Wynwood Walls is kicking off things early this year because just after RETNA hit up his wall in Miami, ROAGaia, the Date FarmersFaile, and Bast rolled into town to do their thing. Undoubtedly, this year’s event will be just as looked forward to as last year’s edition, with a nice list of artists worked up already. We’ll be checking out these murals in person once Art Basel Week Miami rolls around.  More photos after the jump via Street Art News.” – ArrestedMotion.com




The Date Farmers also finished their mural at the Wynwood Walls in Miami and they titled it after our friend “Leo” thanks to some amazing nights in Miami.  There is currently an ongoing controversy about this piece at the Wynwood Walls as first feedbacks says the mural looks unfinished.”streetartnews.net

Finished?  Unfinished?

What do you think?…

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