(The iPhone photograph, with Instagramed editing, featured above is brought to you in part by Aaron Hansen of AncientYouthTruth.tumblr.com.  The art work is brought to you by Anta.  Anta is a young and upcoming graphic designer who was born and raised in Indio, CA.  He’s an all around bad-ass and good do-er.  Make sure to check out what Anta is all about:   http://www.facebook.com/ANTA52)

It’s the weekend, yo.

Go party, have fun, socialize, support some local/independent music and your local economy.






Reunion, every Thursday at the Ace

Special show at Pappy and Harriets.

Don’t get pitty-ed on.







Woop woop! –  this show is going to be swag.  Make sure to do your music research and find out about Blake Miller.

Then, down the street and around the corner is Henry Clay People from Los Angeles!!  They are so good!  Do your research and check them out too.

The flyer doesn’t have a date, but it is definitely this Friday.  You can cal the venue for more info.






Make sure to check out Fool’s Gold – super cool record label from New York coming to town this weekend.  A must see/hear!






Little reggae in your life to wind down the wild times from the weekend…




* * *

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