When we started our blog more than 3 years ago, we were posting everything in Myspace bulletins to alert our followers of new posts.  Obviously, it’s not 2008 anymore…

About 2+ years ago or so we opened up a Facebook  account to reach out to a newer audience and created a “friend page” because at that time… well, we were small and really only our friends were reading.  Almost 2 years later, the “friend page” now has 5,000 friends and has exceeded our friendship allowance.  Boo hoo, Facebook!

So, because we can’t have anymore “friends”, we have created a “Fan page” for The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s readers.  Our new Fan Page will have  all the same updates and everything as our friend page…. the only difference is there is no limit as to how many fans we can have!  Yay!

So please do your local blogger a favor and add!

The CVAS’s Facebook Fan Page:

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Feel free to drop us a line!!!

Also, we Twitter!  If you usually “@” us something that is not spam, we respond.  Communicating with our readers is essential to maintaining a community arts blog!

The CVAS’s Twitter:

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When you land on our Twitter feed, it should look a little something like this…

Feel free to share you Coachella Valley thoughts, pictures and commentary…. we love anything Coachella Valley based!

And, of cooourse we have a Youtube channel.  That’s how we keep on the latest and greatest of video documentation in the desert.  In fact, our Commercial Break post is compiled by videos that we dig for on Youtube.

Make sure to check out how we Broadcast Ourselves:

The CVAS YouTube Channel:

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And, last but certainly not least…

we LOVE to Tumble!!!!!!!!!

Tumblr is easily our favorite Social Network at the moment.  We get to play curator and compile all of the photos that most appeal to us, reblog them, and be able to share them with you… who then, can reblog them and share with your circle of friends…. and so on.

Check out Tumblr if you haven’t yet – it comes highly recommended.

The CVAS’s Tumblr

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When you land on our Tumblr, it should look as cool as this….

And for all you LinkedIn-ers out there, click here for our Linked-In page.

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