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Skateboarding is an art form that is often overlooked, and even more-so misunderstood.

Skateboarding, like art, is a self initiated expression.  Not reliant on a team, there is a special connection between the skater and their board.  Similar to the way a painter has a special connection with their brushes.  Although, a skater expresses themselves through complex physical movements by means of balance, grace, and guts.  And instead of producing a piece of art by means of a pushing brushes across a canvas, a completed piece for a skateboarder is a complex trick (with your board) that is landed with grace and style.

As one can imagine, because of this, skateboarders are highly creative people when on and off their boards.  This is not just apparent in the individuals who often take on other forms of artistic expression such as photographers, visual artists, designers, free spirits, art directors and much more… but even more so when you see the environments that they like to surround themselves with for inspiration.

For instance, spend 10 minutes in a skateboard shop you can get a real sense of the culture.  The walls are always decked out with top-notch photography and graphic design, art on each skateboard deck, beautifully edited skate videos, cutting edge fashion, and the latest in music.  It’s practically a contemporary art gallery for the youngsters.  Mind you, everything is being sold for commercial reasons, but if you take a moment to actually analyze the real culture behind what they are selling, you will realize that skateboarding is a sport/pastime/life style that breeds creativity.

This week we put the spotlight on one of our favorite local photographers, Adam Moore, and one of the desert’s top skateboarders, TC Graves.  The casual interview is conducted by Adam Moore as he gives us a sneak peak into the life of a Coachella Valley skater, a.k.a. a “desert rat.”  As TC Graves talks throughout the interview (while simultaneously driving a forklift at work), we come realize all love and passion that is necessary for one to survive the blood, guts and extremities that come along with being a skater.  I

t’s not an easy job… however, the outcome can be quite glorious.  The beauty, grace, and performance art of it all is captured through the lens of Adam Moore.

So, without further ado… I present to you, Adam Moore and TC Graves….

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Desert Rats: Ian Lopez

An interview between photographer, Adam Moore

and skateboarder, Ian Lopez

All photos and words by Adam Moore of Shoot Them All

Alright, so you might have seen all the photos of Ian busting his nuts on that guard rail over and over again and there is good reason for that… I hate this kid.

 I mean not like “hate”, hate but like you know… hate.  And if you know Ian, you know what I’m talking about. 
  I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve never known him to do something so “sporadic” as buying a motorcycle, but Ian has surprised me before.  Like for example, when he has lit up the dumbest rails in the middle of the night just to get a trick or by building these broke-ass ledges that are made of cement and only lasted a couple of sessions.
  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a dedicated dude – in a 100%-skateboarder-but-sh*t-for-brains kinda-way.
Regardless, the dude is down for skateboarding… doing whatever it takes to skate a spot. Even if the spot is completely rugged and just ‘fucked’, somehow he’ll walk away with trick on it.
So, I recently caught up with him to see what he was up to…

Alright …. so what’s up with the bike?
What do you mean?!  Just look at her!!! (Laughs)  Yeah man, I don’t know,  it was real sporadic to be honest with ya. My car was about to blow up, so I was thought “screw it” – you know?  “I wanna get a bike!”  So I sold it, hustled the price down to $2,000 and BAM! … I got it!   Plus, I’m planing on moving up to San Francisco soon so the bike will come in handy when it’s all sunny… just to cruise around n’ stuff.

What kind of bike is it?
It’s a Kawasaki Vulcan 750

Does riding a motorcycle and a skateboard have anything in common?
Uh… just balance…

Have you gone over 100mph yet on it?
No, dude!  It’s a rush for sure! You know it’s real dangerous, but it’s fun!

Pop any wheelies on that thing yet?
No way! My Dad asks me that shit all the time!  No!

Does Dylan Rieder have a bike to?
What the ffff? Why in the hell would I know?

I don’t know I thought you would be a good person ask that’s all…
You’re an a$$hole!

Yeah,  whatever….  Hey, how much of your pay check goes straight to Starbucks?
Ah, dude, I don’t know… a lot!!  Maybe like $300 a month? (Laughs)  Yeah, I don’t know.  I love their Iced Coffee!! I even try and do the refill thing…save a cup and get a 50 cent refill!! (haha)

Are you still cutting kinks and making ledges round town?
Not so often, but I’m always down to make things skate-able.  I get tiered of skating the same sh*t, and you always have to skate something different. And that is fun!

Any new plans for spots?
Not really…. maybe… some.


I don’t know, we’ll see if  something pops up.  I’m always down to make it skate-able…

Any shout-outs?

Yeah… TC Graves for being a b*tch and never calling me back. Tell him to stop working graveyard, find a decent hourly job ,and come skate with us.
Oh, shouts-out to Jake Honeycutt for being the best skateboarder ever!
Also, to all my other friends and family, who will never read this.

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Interview conducted by Adam Moore

All photos taken by Adam Moore of A Moore Photography

to find out more about A Moore Photography, check his work out here:




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