This Sunday…

inside the Ace Hotel’s Commune 

from 8:00-10:00pm

for FREE!

Cinema Speakeasy presents…

“Relationship Therapy for the Modern Human”

a themed film screening

We’re calling it ‘Relationship Therapy for the Modern Human’. Decidedly not for the squeamish (or the prudish) these shorts examine love in all its facets: How it works, how it’s lived, how it starts, how it ends, how some of us may have just decided to sod it all and commit our hearts to… well… more original things. Hey, it takes all types to make up our world. We’re not judging.” – Cinema Speakeasy



“On Saturday October 15th, we’ll be screening the program in LA at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood, CA. We’ll start the program at 8:00, but come early for some Umami Burger and lèchevitrine at Urban Outfitters’ experimental and shop-alicious courtyard of cool.

Since these films will leave you in a love daze, and hopefully, with a foggy hangover, we decided to provide some good old fashioned hair o’ the dog with a second screening in Palm Springs. On Sunday October 16th, grab your homies and homegirls and drive, walk or bike over to the hippest swim club and hotel we know to help us launch our first Palm Springs screening, and our newest collaboration with the legendary Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

The program starts at sundown, and it’s the perfect way to cement the mutual adoration that you KNOW has been budding all day between you and that hottie in the red trunks sitting two cabana chairs over. To seal the deal, Ace’s mixologists will be whipping up love-related alcoholic potions at special rates, and of course the food at their amazing diner (King’s Highway) is delicious.

So come watch some brilliant and sometimes shocking films on Oct. 15th in Hollywood and on Oct. 16th in Palm Springs, and help us raise a glass to love, lust or hate. Whichever it is that floats your boat.”


Next One?…

Cinema Speakeasy Palm Springs will be a quarterly event, free to attend (but strictly 21+) showcasing the best new independent films sourced from festivals and beyond. This program is a little edgy, and the films are very good. Many of them will be Palm Springs premieres.

Vital Info & Linkage:

Who: Cinema Speakeasy

What: FREE Sunday Night Film Screening

Where: Inside the Commune at the Ace Hotel 701 E Palm Canyon Dr. PS, CA

When: Sunday, Oct. 16th

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Cost: FREE

More Info: