Hello, welcome to not only another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene, but also …. (drum roll, please) to a new feature!  This new feature titled, Letter from the Editor, will be replacing our popular “Weekly Forecast” post.  Why?  Well, we didn’t want to get too comfortable with blogging so we decided to “freshen things up” a bit.

  This new Letter from the Editor feature will be less of a list-of-things-to-do (as the formal Weekly Forecast was) and more of a personal “Hello, how ya doing?  This is what the blog is up to this week…”  kinda thing.  Similar to something you might see in one of your favorite magazines…

  So, let’s get started….


Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 

  This past week, the very rare occurrence of actually getting excited by the news (opposed to completely depressed) hassurprisingly overcame me.  Seeing young people from all over the country (and the world) come together to stand up for something they believe in is so refreshing and empowering to me.  The more I listened, watched and observed, the more I realized that not only are there many changes that need to be made in our government, but there are changes that need to be made in our everyday lives as well.  

  So, I took a look at my own life… The CVAS is ran by one person – ME!  This is not right.  Here I am a 1%er providing information to 99%.  Not cool.  I would be such a hypocrite if I continued any further.  So, I am putting a stop to that.  I have opened up my blog to advertisements and with that money I am going to actually $$ pay $$ for guest blog writers!!  I have never had the money to pay anyone, but recently things have changed (been working two jobs) and now I’d like to invest back in you guys.  More info later this week… but in the meantime, writers – start your engines!!!!

  In other news, this weekend is one of my favorite weekends in the Coachella Valley… High Desert Art Tours!!  The High Desert Art Tours is like a an artsy pirate’s fantasy field trip, equipped with a treasure map to more than 20+ different art studios each day and each one just as fascinating as the next.  But, don’t worry – for those who lack a vehicle in order to make it up to the High Desert – there is a pot of gold hiding in the Low Desert this weekend too.  In this week’s Art Shows a Go Gowe feature Royal Projects once again, except this time it’s for their brand new opening exhibition, I Don’t Know Where But She Sends Me There show.  It will feature six different artists from Los Angeles and looks pretty cool.

  But if six different artists, or 20+ different art studios, is a little too overbearing for you – don’t fret.  This week we will also feature a few intimate Interviews with solo musicians and artists that you are sure to know of, or soon will.  And if you want to be interviewed, or interview someone, we are now taking submissions.  This week is  #OccupyTheCoachellaValleyArtScene and we are asking/hoping that everyone will want to infiltrate our system by submitting a piece of writing to be featured on our website.   However, if you are able to commit to something more consistent basis than just a one-time article and are looking for some pick-up ca$h, The Coachella Valley Art Scene is HIRING.  We are looking to hire part-time creatives to grow with our team!  More information on all of this later this week – so stay tuned!

  Joining the CVAS team would be a fun gig – I promise.  I mean, proof is in the pudding… just take a look at the World Famous Party Recap we will (finally) be featuring this week.  Yeah, we are nerds who sit behind a computer all day – but we are also party animals who love to socialize, dance and get our craft on.  Oh, and don’t feel shy about RSVPing to the next World Famous... coming up on the Saturday night of Halloween weekend!!!  It’s a FREE for all event, and the theme will be an ‘eerie desert disco’.  Come in a costume, or craft one there!  

  If the art of theatrics, make-up and hair design are more your thing while Halloween parties are less… don’t worry, there are others out there like you.  This week we also take some time to do an Event Recap with the talented When Forces Collideteam  about their past Below the Big Top: A Night of Bizarre Events runway show.    

  As the seasons inevitably transition from Summer into Fall, the CVAS makes our own little transitions as well.  We take out the old “Weekly Forecast” by putting a new spin to it with “Letter from the Editor”.  We also are taking on the new concept of hiring people to be apart of our team and also looking forward to those who will #OccupyTheCoachellaValleyArtScene.  And although these little changes are shaking up the blog, one thing remains the same… Things 2 Do Thursday!  Things 2 Do Thursday is The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s signature party post!  It our blogging tradition.  Every single week for the past 3+ years we have been listing what’s been going in the independent artsy party scene of the desert… and we don’t plan stopping anytime soon!  

  Keep your eyes pealed… features coming up quickly…