Watching the news, reading our Twitter feed, following the blogs…. we’ve been more inspired then ever to take a stand and make a difference in our community.  To see the change that we want we are taking the initiative to look within ourselves to make it happen.  We are going to be change that we want to see.  We are not setting unreasonable, large scale, monumental goals for ourselves, we are simply starting with baby steps… something the CVAS blog is very comfortable doing (we’re in it for the long haul!).   However, we aren’t doing it alone!  We are reaching out to our readers/community to help us!  The baby steps that we are starting out with evolve around you…

For the past 3+ years this blog has been ran, edited, and written by one woman… and as much of an accomplishment that is (for me), it’s certainly not  the best way to go about supplying information to a large community.  Not only is it a lot of work and a lot of pressure, but it’s also something like 1% of the population controlling info/news for the rest of the 99%… and those numbers and percentages just aren’t sitting well with us.  So, we’d like to change that.

We are reaching out to all of The Coachella Valley Art Scene readers who either just started reading this blog or who have been following our journey for years now…

We want to publish stories from the people.  Have you guys submit your stories of your local groups of artists, friends, happenings, etc etc etc.

For example, if you say “YES” to any of these questions below then you need to email me!!!  Read more:

Have you ever known about a cool event that I didn’t cover but wish I did?

Know about a super cool artist that I have yet to interview/feature?

Know about a great album that a local band/solo artist just dropped and want to review it?

Have a concept for a podast that you would like to see happen?

Want to talk about an art show that you recently visited this past weekend?

Would like to see your photography work covered from a recent excusrion in the desert?

Know of someone who is great fashion deisgner or who has amazing personal style?

….well then let me know!  It’s time to Occupy The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

If you want to see more being produced from this blog, more information about your community shared with the rest of the world (being that this blog is read by people not just from the desert, but from all over the world) then dive in and get involved!!!!

The best way to get your story published is to DO IT YOURSELF.  Write up your story (length doesn’t matter, and shorter is actually better in the blogesphere) and email it to me.  Simple as that.

 When we started this blog 3+ years ago we didn’t have anyone telling us what to do and had no rules as to how to do it… we simply just did it to change the world that we were living in… and here we are almost 4 years later.

So, don’t be scared – jump in!!!

Email your stories that you would like to see on The Coachella Valley Art Scene to: