Critical Mass – Palm Springs is a force not to be reckonded with.  It’s actually a force to join… and they will welcome you with open arms, a reason to dress up, and the thrill of mobbing through the streets of Palm Springs with a bunch of other like-minded bad asses.
Earlier this week Critical Mass Palm Spring went on a Halloween themed bike ride.  It was only their second outing as a group and they were 80 people deep.  Pretty impressive.
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Event Recap: Critical Mascarade

brought to you by AK Photography

The 1st Annual Critical Masquerade was an absolute success!   Being C.M.P.S. 2nd ride, over 80 riders from all over the Coachella Valley showed up to take over the streets of downtown Palm Springs while decked out in some pretty awesome and original Halloween costumes.
Check out the winner of the costume contest , Elliot & ET!!
The response from bystanders was incredble!  We felt an overwhealming amount of support from the community.  Even one of Palm Springs’ finest crazies ran with us for a couple blocks, absolutely priceless!
Even though some people were wondering what the hell we were doing , a mass of cyclists taking over Palm Canyon & Indian Canyon on a normally quiet Tuesday Night, it defintely got their attention, postive attention.
We look forward to the next ride in November.  Anyone and everyone can participate.
Our goal is to get people excited about riding their bikes again, like when we were kids, going out and riding until mom says you have to come home and eat dinner and do your damn homeowrk! Just getting a bunch of people together from every walk of life to do it for the love of riding.
Do it for your health, do it for our community.
It brings us together in a whole other way.    We don’t always need to get around in our cars.
As a Palm Springs resident I know we can get anywhere in town on our bike. No problem!  Some more bike lanes would be awesome, sure , but we deal with what we gotta deal with. Just ride!
No one person runs Critical Mass, this is a collective.
We hope to see you all out there in November.
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