In this rendition of Explorations of the Desert we take the photography from the streets of the Coachella Valley, more specifically to the Palm Desert Civic Center where many youth are Occupying the Coachella Valley.

 By no means what-so-ever is this a political blog, this is simply documentation of what we think is relevant to the younger community members of the Coachella Valley and what we though would be interesting not just for the locals to see but also for all of our readers who live outside the desert as well.  So, please, don’t interpret this post incorrectly.  No matter what side you are, what you believe or don’t believe, that is completely fine and respected here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Make sure to check the links below to get more information from the two sources we pulled these photos from.

photos above: taken from OccupyCoachellaValley’s facebook:

photos below taken by Jessica E Davis for Palm Desert Patch

For a link to the Palm Desert Patch article and photos taken by Jessica E Davis, please visit:

To Get more information on #OccupyCoachellaValley, please visit: