Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello and welcome back to another (very short) week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog!

As you may have noticed, we haven’t been blogging much this week.  Tragic, I know.  Well, reason is because not only are we currently working two jobs, but our Internet at our house has been out all week!  We have tried everything, and now we are just starting to think that it’s the hacker group, Anyonynous.  When all else fails blame the hacker group, right?  Never take the internet for granted kids, because you’ll be hurting when it’s gone.  (Big shout out to Koffi for providing a free Internet service at your coffee shop for all the costumers/bloggers out there who have no access to Internet this week!  Love you guys)


So, that is why there are a lack of updates this week, not because there aren’t a million things to do.  In fact, there are a MILLION things to do… we wish we could cover them all!!!  But, unless some people start applying for a job with us (send in your resume and an interview between you and an artist to because WE ARE HIRING then we are gonna have to take it a bit slow(er).  Don’t ever think that we rae going to stop though…. that’s just not our style.  We are looking for people to come join the team and take the CVAS to places that nobody thought we could reach.  Ya feel me?!?!  If you do feel me then you should definitely apply because you obviously “get it”.


Starting the week off, we do want to thank everyone who came out and supported us at this past Saturday’s World Famous – Halloween Edition at the Ace Hotel.  We had a packed house once again!  But even more important than a packed house…. we had such creative costumes!!!  So many cool ones it’s seriously hard for me to describe, so… this evening we will be post a World Famous Party Recap!  Big thank you to Alf Alpha who held it down all night and another big thank you to Iggy Photography for coming through and taking photos!


In another news, this week has a ton of art shows going on!  We will make sure to post an Art Shows a Go Go list to fill you all in on the latest and greatest in the local art scene.  From Palm Springs, to Palm Desert, to the High Desert we got your covered.


We will also be featuring one of our favorite things to feature…. Commercial Break!  Commercial Break is when we dig into our Youtube account and find cool videos that have been made in and around the Coachella Valley by local artists and cinematographers.  This week we are looking to blend a little board with a little art.  Makes no sense?  Makes so much sense!  Trust me.


In addition to our Commercial Break, we will also be posting another Explorations of the Desert: Occupying.  In this series we will be taking photos from the Internet of local citizens (many of them young, under 30 years old) occupying Palm Desert.  Some photos are of the kids camping, some are of them protesting, and some are of them getting arrested.  For all the readers out there who don’t live in the desert, here is where you can get a little peak of what’s been happening in town in terms of the Occupy movement.  (* please note: this is by no means a political blog, many of the people who got arrested are young, artistic, contributing members to the young and upcoming art scene of the desert and we would like to pay a homage to them)


Along with the Explorations of the Desert feature we hope we can have some time to squeeze in some short Interviews with the kids who got arrested.  Hear from their perspective what it was like, why it happened, and more information on exactly what they are standing up for.


But, before we get any further along with the week, we hope to post information on the Free Foreign Film Screening that will happening at the Palm Springs Art Museum tonight (Thursday) starting sharply at 6:00pm in the Annenberg Theater.  They will be screening the film, Kyrgystam (2010), so make sure to not miss it!


And last, but certainly not least… this week in the Coachella Valley is Gay Pride! The Ace Hotel is throwing a huge music and arts festival and there will also be a very fun parade and much much more.  Make sure to tune back in later tonight as we will give you the run down on the low down of what’s going down up and down Palm Canyon this weekend.  😉


Thank you all for being so patient with us!  We wish we could just blog out hearts out all day every day, but unfortunately there is no funding for that!  Well, not unless someone wants to donate to our cause that is….. *wink *wink.  No matter what, we will continue to try our best to pump out as much interesting and artsy information as possible. Thanks again and it’s nothing but love for ya, Coachella Valley!