Palm Springs, then.

Palm Spring, now.

Now more refined, free and alive then ever.

This weekend is all about the young queer movement in the Quochella Valley, Los Angeles, and Seattle… coming together to live it up and celebrating it out loud via music and arts festivals all weekend long.  Make sure to check the flyers below to find out where it’s all at.  Also, take note of other shows going on in and around the desert for backup plans.

Check it out:


All weekend at the Ace Hotel cool stuff is going on.  Just, basically, go there and see/hear/experience some good shit!

As part of Ace Hotel’s Pride Palm Springs music and arts festival, Hands On, notorious queer producer KINGDOM brings his particular brand of magic to the Amigo Room as DJ Day’s special guest.







Yay!!!!!  We LLOOVVEEE Qulture Qreative!  Go check this out!  Plus, Birba is a bangin’ bar in downtown Palm Springs!!!

This first Friday at the Ace Hotel, T.V.O.D. and Sean Carnage celebrate Pride Palm Springs at their queer music and arts festival, Hands On, with Warm Leatherette, a night of live music from Blok and Myles Cooper

Well hot damn!… the “hottest band out of LA”?!?!  Ya don’t say!!!

Date Shed craziness.


Qulture Qreative quilling the game!

Rave in Indio!!!!  With weather like this?!?!  It’s gonna get cray cray.

Date Shed, please send me your flyers!!!  When I pull them from the Facebook invite they look small like this.

Rockabilly show at the Dillion Roadhouse in DHS.  Again, another small flyer pulled form the Facebook invite – sorry, y’alls.


Chill out this Sunday with some chill tunes, mon…

* * * 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We couldn’t do it without you.  Actually, we wouldn’t do it without out you …. because, it’s for you!!!

If you know about an event that we don’t have featured on here, please please please send me your event flyer ASAP to and I will hurry up and post it.  MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!!