Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello and welcome back to another week here on the oh-so-glorious blog of The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  The reason as to why I say “oh-so-glorious” is because around this time of the year the desert is such, ‘oh-so-glorious’.  The atmosphere is truly zen; the temperatures are comfortable, the skies are clear, the air is crispy and smells delicious and the mountains that comfort us catch the light of the sun and project amazing light shows (also known known as sun rises/sets) every morning and dawn that are jaw dropping.  It’s pretty much the best weather that anyone could ask for….and, best news is, is that it will last for about 6 more months. Six more months of glory!… (then the heat is bestowed upon us, but let’s not even go there)

Speaking of glory, there are some amazing and cutting edge art shows going on this weekend.  We, over here at the CVAS, are particularly excited about the Renegade Art Show and Michael H Lord art shows in Palm Springs this weekend. In addition to an independent art and music festival happening on Friday (*11/11/11) night called, Moon Block Festival, featuring bands from Los Angeles and the desert happening at Dillion’s Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs.  And what we like the most out of all of them is that you can attend each show if you  plan your calender accordingly!

And if you don’t feel like staying in town, there are ways to escape the everyday mundane…. for free.  By attending the Free Foreign Film Screening at the Palm Springs Art Museum, you can travel to places and meet people and visit countries that you never thought you would, via the big screen.  The free foreign film screenings take place every Thursday at 6:00pm sharp, and don’t forget passport.

Speaking of the Palm Springs Art Museum and exciting art shows… this Sunday the Palm Springs Art Museum is FREE, as part of their FREE 2nd Sundays program, for anyone to come and visit.  There are some very cool art exhibits now showing at the museum and we recommend for everyone to go check it out.

And while we are talk about artsy stuff, we’d like to take a little time and give you all an update on the Date Farmer‘s latest stint in Miami.  A couple weeks ago, if you happen to recall, we posted some photos and information on the controversial mural they completed for Art Basel in Miami.  Well, the piece was so controversial that they recently flew back to redo it.  I love how they forever rep Indio and the Coachella Valley, especially in their attitude.  More photos on that soon.

And while we are on the topic of Indio artists… this week we will feature an Interview with a favorite young and upcoming artist hailing from the East of the Coachella Valley as well.  She is young, punk-as-f*ck, and is soon to take over the art scene and down her show at the CVAS’s Art Gallery inside Epidemic Skate Shop…. guess who.

Hopefully, we will get around to post up a World Famous Party Recap, but if we can’t find the time, then please check out our Facebook page for all the photos.

What we will most definitely get around to is featuring an Explorations of the Desert from a local photographer and also a Commercial Break with Youtube videos from local filmmakers and documentations.

And, when all else fails, you can always count on your good ol’ Things 2 Do Thursday to know where the independent party scene is happening that features local musicians at local venues that all go into supporting your local businesses!  Things 2 Do Thursday is less about the actual party and more about the community and all the people that show up.

Big thank you to everyone who continues to support the CVAS, I have lots of fun stuff for you planned in 2012, you just wait and see…



(email me if you know about something cool going on that you don’t see here, I’d love to know)