The Coachella Valley Art Scene is very proud and excited to introduce you all to our newest staff member, Victor Simmons!  Victor will be our official Beauty & Fashion Contributor.  You can look forward to his posts on a weekly basis.  

Read the information below to learn more about Victor and a bit about what you can expect to see from him in the future….

“Greetings from the land of sand. I’m so excited to be joining the CVAS team in it’s journey to showcase  the youth and art culture in the desert. I’m looking forward to bringing you all the crazy and wonderful stuff I see in my everyday life as a hairdresser and voyeur of this dynamic art scene. There is style and beauty in all things, but most of all, in the way we live our lives. From local designers to entertainers, image makers, and all-around nifty folk, I’ll be introducing you to the people making waves and rocking the boat. I wont leave a button, sequin, paint brush, or hair comb un-turned. Think of the stories I bring you as a dialog with more than just face value. So feel free to leave comments, questions, or any distresses that may be keeping you up at night. See you in the cyber-ether.”

– Victor Simmons, The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Beauty & Fashion Contributor


Victor’s Bio:

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, Victor has been a hairdresser for over six years. Working extensively toward searching for inspiration in anything worth having  inspiration, his career has given him the opportunity to see the  sun-drenched beaches of the California coast as well as experience the culture-enriched streets of New York City. Victor is always fascinated by all the different personalities and lifestyles that seem to be a constant in the human race.

Contact Information:

To contact Victor regarding your beauty and fashion craft, please email him at