In this rendition of Art Shows a Go Go we shine a light on a few gallery exhibitions around town that we thought would be interesting for our readers.  From screen printing workshops in Indio, to live Jazz in the High Desert… we give you a little peak at what’s ahead.

Make sure to do a little research on the artists below and I look forward to seeing you there!

Friday Evening

Via the Facebook Event Invite:

Marco Alejandro encourages you to dress up as gypsies, enjoy a glass of traditional Spanish Sangria and Paella as you walk into a world of romance and passion. Dine by candles and listening to music influenced by the sounds of Latin America and sounds from around the world…

Marco Alejandro is an international touring musician based out of Santa Barbara, California. He has performed for thousands of people throughout shows across the globe. When not touring, Marco Alejandro has recently found himself escaping to silence in Joshua Tree, where he is working on an album. Having studied Ethnomusicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he encompasses Middle Eastern, Caribbean and African rhythms with Iberian and Western Classical melodies and harmonies, all with a Latin American flair to produce a sound which can only be described as “Ethno-Flamenco.”

Marco Alejandro will also be showcasing his art which is inspired by nature, the human form, and many style periods of present and past times. He is an Artistic Zealot; many of his works are inspired by ballet, poetry, and surreal concepts.

Tickets are only $25 for this event but are limited, so purchase yours now! There are also V.I.P tickets and sponsorship opportunities available. Contact: mail@marcoalejandro to inquire.



Saturday Evening

About the Exhibition via their Facebook page:

“Today there is a new excitement in the Los Angeles art scene driven by originality and exploration. On Saturday November 19th artists involved in the current exhibition will discuss their work and practice, as well as answer questions. This event will give you an insight into the minds of the next generation of important Los Angeles artists and an indication of the direction that art is heading in California’s immediate future.


4pm – 7pm

(talk to begin around 5pm)

CONFIRMED ARTISTS TO ATTEND: Joshua Callaghan, Karen Lofgren, Pontus Willfors.

After a long, warm summer Royale Projects launches its new season with an exhibition of six Los Angeles artists. Drawn from the grit of downtown LA, from the sunny surf of Malibu Beach, and from every stop along Sunset Boulevard, sculptures, paintings, photographs, and video works comment on the state of California today.

“I don’t know where but she sends me there” is a line from The Beach Boys’ 1966 hit song “Good Vibrations”. Brian Wilson created a collage of sound, taking disparate musical parts and combining them together to hone a perfect, symphonic – pop song. This audio masterpiece has become a true California anthem and an aural icon of West Coast culture.

With that in mind Royale Projects brings together six artists that, at first glance, could not be more different. Upon closer scrutiny you will start to recognize themes and movements within the works of art. Witty references to Pop Art and Minimalism as well as tender homages to California’s own Light and Space artists are woven through the exhibition. The wry observations of banal, urban culture challenge the viewer to look closer at the contemporary beliefs, lifestyle, and identity of Southern California.

I Don’t Know Where But She Sends Me There: six Los Angeles artists now will send you on an insightful and fanciful journey. The exhibition introduces a cross section of exciting artists currently creating in Los Angeles; the most shiny, yet at times tarnished, city in our great Golden State.”

About the Workshop via the Facebook Invite:

“Take an in depth look at the screenprinting process used to make anything from banners to t-shirts.
FREE event, complimentary refreshments, and exclusive workshop t-shirts for only $8.00!
Open to the public and people of all ages!
This event is facilitated by our great friends at Inka Screenprinting in Indio.

Please RSVP here or by contacting Bri Ureña;
# (760)449-2700″