Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Welcome back to another week here on your local community arts and culture blog, The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

We are happy to have you back… on the blog, and in town!  As we all know, Thanksgiving weekend is a popular one out here in the desert.  Everyone is in town to hang with the family…. with the Grams & Gramps, with the Uncles & Aunts.  Lucky you/us – it’s so beautiful out here and there is plenty of ‘cool’ stuff to do while in town this week/end.  So, welcome back!!!  Let’s take off right where we left off last (before you moved out of the desert!!)!  Below is the low down in the Low Desert this holiday weekend:


After (pigging out at) Thanksgiving dinner, there are only two things I want to do the next couple of days: shop and party.  How self indulgent of me, I know.  But I am sure you understand.  Luckily, the desert has plenty of options for you…. all of which do not have to involve shopping at corporations or hitting up a skuzzy local nightclubs.  Not that we would expect our CVAS readers to do such things, but just in case you thought those were your only options out here we are aiming to prove you wrong this week.  The CVAS is highly encouraging all of our readers to SHOP LOCAL this holiday season.  There are so many independent retailers and art galleries out there… we will give you a list of the ones we recommend.  Also, don’t forget to eat local too…. so many cute Mom & Pop eateries out here as well.


As for nightlife while in town… we got your covered!  Go ahead and hibernate all week… just be ready to party with us on Saturday!  The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha host our monthly party WORLD FAMOUS this Saturday night!!  It’s free, and it’s fun, and it’s a dance party, and it’s a craft party – what more can you want?  Oh yeah, and it’s at the ultra sheik venue, the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room in Palm Springs!!!  Also, if you are in the mood for some Rock an Roll (when are you not?), this Friday night Blackstrap Molasses and touring indie bands from Los Angeles will be packing out the house at the Date Shed in Indio.  That is a must-see, must-go!  Many more events going down, from dubstep to hip hop, just look through our Things 2 Do Thursday post for the rest!


Shopping local and supporting local musicians are two steps in the right direction…. but, don’t you forget that third one that is full of ‘bonus points’… art galleries!  There are some really cool local art galleries in town that are featuring/selling the works of local artists and/or contemporary works from young folks based out of neighboring cities.  We will point you in the right direction with our Art Shows a Go Go post that always lists off art gallery exhibitions and showings happening in town that we think our readers would appreciate.  There are two shows in particular that we will be highlighting, both feature works from local artists!


Speaking of local artists, shopping local, and taking steps in the right direction… this week our new CVAS contributor/team member, Victor Simmons, will be debuting his first INTERVIEW with Ida Maria meets Cakefetti.  Ida Maria meets Cakefetti is a brand new up and coming fashion label featuring two young designers who are both under 30 years old and based in the Coachella Valley.  The line is a little bit of thrift, with a touch of glam, a splash of sexy, all cut & sewn with classic DIY sensibilities.  Essentially, the perfect ‘desert fashion’ line.  We are so excited to not just debut Victor’s first Interview, but also inform you all about the new kids in town… watch out Trina Turk (jk) 😉


For those who aren’t just visiting the desert for the weekend, we have a job/internship opportunity available that we are encouraging you all to jump at!  The Palm Springs International Film Festival will be in town January and they have a paying position in the Marketing department!  The Palm Springs International Film Festival is seriously one of my favorite things ever (and yes, I interned there before) so, I’d love to see some of the CVAS readers up in the mix (*hint hint: hook your poor blogger up with a free ticket)!!!  More details in a bit!


And just so you know, there might be a few more random things that make the blog this week…. we really can’t precisely predict them all… we work within the Internet, for crying out loud –  it’s literally out of our hands and out of control!  Who knows what will end up in our laps later this week – and that’s the fun part.


Thanks again and again for always supporting The CVAS over the years… we truly appreciate it.