This Sunday is FREE for all at the Palm Springs Art Museum!  Not only is there free entrance to anyone and everyone who has interest in art, but there are also free activities and film screenings that the museum offers as well.  It’s a win-win situation.

A great way to spend your Sunday afternoon…

About Free 2nd Sunday at the Palm Springs Art Museum

“With generous support from the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation, the museum is proud to present Free 2nd Sundays. The second Sunday of each month features a schedule of programming for all ages and interests including hands-on family activities, performances, films on art and culture, docent-led spotlight talks and demonstrations of artists at work. The summer activities are centered on Simply Masterful, Comic Art Indigène, and Ransom by Lewis deSoto. Admission and all activities are free.” –

Special Museum Features:


Blast from the Past: 60s and 70s Geometric Abstractions

07.16.11 – 12.23.11

This selection from the museum’s permanent collection is a broad examination of geometric abstract paintings, sculptures and prints from the 1960s and 1970s, a period known for its purity of style. Approximately 100 works represent a variety of ideas in Optical Art, Kinetic art, Minimalism, Hard-Edge and Color- Field. Many of the exhibited works, impressive in their sheer visual power, have rarely been on view or are on view for the first time.

Andrew Wyeth in Perspective

10.08.11 – 01.22.12

Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) was one of the best-known artists of the middle and later 20th century. Known for his intensely realist style, he exhibited an extraordinary technical mastery of several different media. Over his long career he explored a wide variety of themes, concentrating primarily on the land and people around his beloved homes in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and Cushing, Maine, and revealing diverse emotional levels that give his work an authentic and expressive American voice. Underlying his realist approach is a strong compositional sense of formal relationships and a prototypical use of contrasting light and shadow to help build depth of space and mood. Many of his works have become iconic, including one of the most well-known images in 20th century art, Christina’s World in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Ransom: An Art Installation by Lewis de Soto

06.16.11 – 12.31.11


Lewis deSoto’s exhibition project, Ransom, utilizes the Mesoamerican collection at the Palm Springs Art Museum, commissioned videos, and historical sculptural elements to create a multi-nuanced environment that presents the dynamic relationship between victor and vanquished. On view concurrently with Comic Art Indigène, another exhibition addressing indigenous cultural themes, the project references Hernando de Soto’s defeat of the Incan empire in Peru under Francisco Pizarro’s command.

Contemporary Glass

11.12.10 – Ongoing

Glass as a fine art material is relatively new and used by a wide range of extraordinarily talented artists from throughout the world. Its remarkable physical properties result in a medium of astounding aesthetic expression. From the spontaneous to the methodical, artists’ creative ideas range from narrative to conceptual, explore current art movements, or innovatively express personal vision. Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection and private collections, this exhibition includes works by significant artists who have contributed to the notion that glass has broken through the aesthetic barrier between craft and fine art.

Contemporary Works from the Permanent Collection

08.28.10 – Ongoing

The museum’s contemporary galleries are installed with a set of themes that integrate significant works from the gifts and promised works from Donna and Cargill MacMillan, Jr. with recent loans. Artists in this collection include Louise Bourgeois, Ralph Goings, Mona Hatoum, Donald Judd, Anish Kapoor, Rachel Lachowicz, Morris Louis, Max Neumann, Mimmo Paladino, Neo Rauch, Robert Rauschenberg, the Starn Brothers, Andy Warhol, and Andrea Zittel.


Annenberg Theater • 11 a.m. 
A Not So Still Life, Karen Stanton, USA, 2010 • This documentary peers into glass artist Ginny Ruffner’s kaleidoscopic mind, revealing an artist as beloved for her spirit as for her evolving “visual thought experiments.” Experience the full span of her fascinating journey, from her childhood in South Carolina to her emergence as a world-renowned artist. 82 minutes.

Family Activity

Zone 101 in the Hoover Gallery • Anytime between 12:30-3:30 p.m. 
Winter Solstice • Capture the light of winter solstice in stained glass and explore the light and dark in our glass art collection.

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