Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello and good morning!  Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Last week we were so busy (with our day jobs) that we barely had anytime to blog!  We felt like  a piece of us was missig when we weren’t busy blogging for you guys.  Good news is that our other (better) half is back in tact this week as we return to the computer and back to the blogging grind.  There is so much to catch up on… so much to write down… so much to take in… so much info to distribute out…. so, let’s get started!

This past Sunday evening The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s CVAS Art Gallery inside Epidemic Skateboard Shop  teamed up to present to you the latest solo art exhibition featuring local artist, Ron Cameron.  Ron Cameron is a skateboard graphic designer/illustrator legend from the 1990’s.  Just Google the man and you shall see.  To say we are “hype” to have him be our featured artist for the Fall Season is an understatement.  And it seems like everyone else feels the same.  This past Sunday’s party was a successful one that celebrated Ron’s art, music, and performance…we all experience what was the “Ron Cameron experience”.  And we liked it.  Thanks for everyone who came out!  An Event Recap: Ron Cameron x The CVAS Art Gallery Party will be up this week!  Hopefully I can also sneak in an Interview with Ron Cameron this week, but if not, make sure to look for it next.

Speaking of cool art shows, this week we will pump out an Art Shows a Go Go feature that will shine a spotlight on some of the coolest art shows around town in the Coachella Valley that are happening this weekend.  Some are openings, some are ongoing… but all are exhibitions that personally interest and attract us.  Hope to see you around at some of them!

One of our favorite art galleries/museums in the desert, the Palm Springs Art Museum, not only opens up their doors for all to see their latest collection, but also to watch a Free Foreign Film Screening this Thursday.

And for all your aspiring, professional and/or hobby photographers… the Palm Springs Art Museum also has something special for you this weekend as well!  Check it out, they will be hosting a “Talking Photography Lecture: Painting & Physique Photography“.  We will give you more details on how much, what will be taught and where later this week.  Sounds pretty cool to me.

And while we are on the topic of photography, a photographer friend of mine who actually is our Foodie Rant contributor, Angie Kat, will be officially introducing herself this week!  Yes, you all know her and are fans of her Foodie Rant with Angie Kat monthly series…however, we never really set up an introduction.  My bad – I just got so excited that I skipped the appitizer and went straight for the main dish!  So, we take it back a couple of steps and present to you An Introduction: Angie Kat, our Foodie Rant contributor this week.

Must be a beautiful time of year because we will also be having our favorite photography series, Explorations of the Desert up and running once again!  This week we feature some of our favorite photos from some photographers around town.

Make sure to keep an eye out for any Randoms that pop up and always brace yourself for our Things 2 Do Thursday post that features all the local shows from your favorite local bands.

That’s a wrap for this week, thank you all for your uncondition support!  We couldn’t do it without you!