The Coachella Valley Art Scene is very proud and excited to officially introduce you all to our (somewhat) newest staff member, Angie Kat!  Angie Kat is famous for her “Foodie Rant with Angie Kat” series and is now our official Foodie Rant Contributor.  You can look forward to her posts on a monthly basis.  

Read the information below to learn more about Angie Kat and a bit about what you can expect to see from her in the future and links to what she has done for us in the past….

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Hello everyone!

It’s about that time in our programming where I formally introduce myself.  In case we haven’t met, my name is Angelica Quintana, I sometimes go by Angie Kat (A.K. for short) …it’s my stage name.  You could say I’m a little bit country and a lot of rock n roll!  I live here in this lovely and strange desert we call home the Coachella Valley, with my loving, handsome husband and two insanely cool kids.

 I grew up in Colorado (that’s the country part of me) and I learned to live off the land there, “kill ‘em n grill ‘em”.  Growing up there I developed a love and respect for the food we eat, I learned where our food came from, dirt to fork.  This made me very passionate about the whole food thing, ya know?  There’s something about watching the seed you plant turn into something completely delicious and fresh and good for you.  A natural vitamin from the earth with brilliant flavor and color, unlike anything you buy at the grocery store that’s  frozen, canned, pumped full of weird shit like hormones and pesticides.  Excuse me, but w.t.f. is that? Gross!

Now, living in Southern California (the rock n roll part of me), I realize we are very lucky to have sunshine nearly every single day. With the abundance of sunshine means an abundance of fresh organic produce readily available. Real quick, I have to tell you something really important,  I encourage everyone to shop at the local Farmer’s Market. There’s one in Palm Springs every Saturday in the Camelot Theatres parking lot, they are valley wide too, check their website to find out more.  No, I’m not a paid spokesperson, I promise, just trust me this is the only way to go unless you grow it yourself. Anyway, that’s where I now “hunt” for meals. I take advantage of the seasonal bounties and I have fun trying to come up with different ways of using it all up as it comes.

So! Now you know a little about me, where my head space is when I’m sharing these recpies with you. My goal here Is to inform you and show you how you can make really good food that’s not too “granola baby”  that your pickiest eaters wouldn’t eat it.  Yes, sometimes I might get all Paula Deen on you,  I can’t help but luvin’ some of that good good buttah ! Oh Miss Jackson if yo nasty! Err um, Miss Deen., HA! Oh, and of course, most importantly, how to have fun while doing it all.

It’s time to get back into our kitchens and create kitchen art! Play with the colors, feed your mind , body and soul.  It’s amazing what a good meal can do for you.

To the Moon Alice! To the moon!


To share receipes or food photography, AK can be contacted at: