Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  And welcome back to another wonderful week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

This week is so festive!  It’s Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa in one week!  That’s pretty amazing.  So, happy holidays to all who celebrate and happy end-of-the-year-you-made-it-through-another-one-successfully to everyone who doesn’t.

Because every year we dip out of town for Hanukkah, this week will be a little short….but no-less sweet! In fact, it will be both short and sweet.  Just like the gold coins that Grandma gives us on Hanukkah  😉


To start things off, we take a look towards our near future…. New Years Eve!  2012!!!!  Personally, I am SUPER EXCITED for 2012!  I have some major things in the works for the CVAS and I also have some new personal projects on the rise as well.  2012 looks like it’s going to be a productive year.  So, let’s get productive…. let’s throw a party!  WORLD FAMOUS is going down at the Ace Hotel on December 31st!!!  DJ ALF ALPHA will be holding down the dance floor while the CVAS will be supplying all kinds of goodies for the craft table!  Make your own “2012 Party Hats”, personalize your own own noise makers, and pose in front of our photo booth.  We are looking forward to seeing you there – so much so that we are releasing the World Famous Photo Recap from November (Thanksgiving Weekend).  Unfortunately, some of the photos didn’t come out because we shoot on film (and are sometimes inebriated), however the ones that did are excellent.


We will also be throwing in a CVAS Art Gallery: Ron Cameron Photo Recap to the mix this week.  Our last show at Epidemic was pretty gnarly and we encourage all you guys to stop in the shop to check it out while you are in town and/or on break.  Not only is Epi a cool shop, but they are right now to Beach House Frozen Yogurt (guilty pleasure), and they support the COachella Valley Art Scene!


And speaking of photos, we are super hype to finally being the Explorations of the Desert photography series back!  This week we feature photos from one of our favorite lifestyle photographers in the desert this week.  Stay tuned because it will be good… Tumblr-worthy-kinda-good…


In addition to Photo Recaps and Explorations of the Desert, this week the Palm Springs Art Museum screens a brilliant motion picture.  Free Foreign Film Screenings at the Palm Springs Art Museum are here again to save your mundane Thursdays.  It’s the best way to travel to lands you have never been….for free….via the big screen.  Can’t beat that.  Entertain and educate yourself this Thursday, more details in a bit!


We also hand pick our own favorite motion pictures on YouTube for our very own, Commercial Break feature.  This week we share with you our personal YouTube favorites from Coachella Valley locals.


Speaking of locals, this week we have an Interview with The Pop Shop, a new thrift store in Desert Hot Springs.  The interview is brought to you by our Beauty & Fashion Contributor, Victor Simmons.  It’s gonna be a good one so stay tuned.


Also, we’ve been getting great feedback from our Art Shows a Go Go feature – so, expect to see more this week!  For those that don’t know, Art Shows a Go Go is a hand-picked selection of art galleries that we are currently swooning over. The galleries we pick don’t pay us to feature them and it’s purely our taste in art that we think all the CVAS readers would enjoy as well…. since, intelligent minds think a like, right?!  hehe…


Make sure to always keep an eye out for the unexpected here on the CVAS blog… we’re a blog, based around the Internet, things are bound to change all the time.  You never know what we might run across on the Internet this week and feel compelled to show you.  I guess that means you’ll just have to keep visiting us!  😉


One thing that you can always count on is…Things 2 Do Thursdays!!!  Our list of local events, featuring local musicians, at local venues, that invite and encourage local and out-of-towners to come hang out – at a reasonable price!  Swag.