Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  Welcome back to the blog and a new bright future for 2012!  Can you believe it’s 2012 already?!  I shake my head in disbelief every time I say it out loud.


We took a little leave of absence last week, as we were in San Francisco for half of it and then in Palm Springs the other half doing art direction/decoration for special VIP NYE parties while simultaneously promoting/throwing our very own World Famous NYE party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with Alf Alpha!!!  Turns out, everything was a huge success and we ended up on top coming into 2012!  So, thanks for being so patient.  We are happy to get back to the blogging grind!  So, let’s let the games begin….


We are extra excited to share with you the amazing photos from our World Famous monthly party at the Ace Hotel from New Years Eve.  We are so thankful that all you guys spent your New Years Eve with us!!  We had a great time bringing in the New Year with you and look forward to keep grinding for you from here on out!  The World Famous NYE Party Recap featuring photos, video, and text  coming later this week!


One of the best things about January in the desert is the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  This week we will give giving recommendations, highlights, and free tickets!!!!!  So stay tuned into how you can receive the tickets!!!


Some of the best things that went down on The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be captured in our The CVAS’s Best of 2011 post.  Keep an out for that later this week.


Something to look forward to and start planning now is our 3rd annual semi-formal, retro Valentine’s Day party at the Ace Hotel called… Doo Wop in the Desert!  Yes, it’s back and it will be the third year, the golden year!  Make sure to start planning what you’re going to wear, who you’re going to take and how to do the twist!  More details later this week!


Let’s flip the direction of this Letter to present tense though…. tomorrow evening Melissa Morgan Fine Art (one of our favorite galleries) will be hosting an Opening Reception to a new exhibition that will be showcasing the featured artist.  You’ll want to make sure to stop by to hear the man speak and get an insdier’s perspective on the exhibit.  More details later today.


And speaking of Art Galleries, later this week we will give you a run down of cool galleries with cool exhibits going down in the desert this weekend.  Make sure to check that out, and support your local gallery in our feature Art Shows a Go Go.


This week we will also be publishing one of our favorite things to blog about…. Explorations of the Desert.  Explorations of the Desert is a compleation of some of our favorite photos taken in and around the desert by some of our favorite photographers.  This week we slip you something to really feast your eyes on.


Also, as always, we supply you with a list of what will be going on after the sun sets behind the mountains in the Coachella Valley this weekend.  A listing of all the local shows, featuring local musicians and local venues is more commonly refered to as Things 2 Do Thursday.