In this rendition of Explorations of the Desert we spend some quality time with one of our favorite doers, photographers and people of the Coachella Valley…. Luisa Marielli.

Luisa has been an inspiration to The CVAS since the day we met her via the internet in the days, and she hasn’t stopped producing cool imagery and stylings since.  She most recently started a Tumblr with all of her best photos and we are just a tad bit obsessed.  The obsession ensues below…

Luisa is a photographer based out Palm Desert, CA and is the stylist at (one of our favorite vintage fashion boutiques in the desrert) The Fine Art of Design.  More information and links on Luisa at the bottom of this post.

Check her (and her girls) out:

for more information on Luisa Marielli, please visit:




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