:: Reporting Live from Palm Springs, CA ::

Well, what can I say?…

It’s bright and sunny out.  The weather is perfect.  People are smiling all around me.  Some people are even petting dogs, and the crazy ones are petting cats.  

(Sigh) Everyone is so content with life and are uniquely beautiful out here in the desert….

…. pretty much, there is no better group to party with this side of the Mississippi.  Maybe that’s why the desert tends to get a little wild at night…. I mean, happy + smiling + beautiful people all in one place…. c’mon!

You may be asking where to sign you up?

Look below:



DJ Day every Thursday at the Ace!

LIVE at Pappy & Harriet’s!!  $10 cover /7pm: Two Lane Blacktop / 8pm: TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND / 9pm: THE DIRT DAUBLERS





Art show featuring Aaron Hansen’s latest works and DJ Alf Alpha!!!! ALL AGES!!! Starts at 5:00pm and ends at 9:00pm!!! RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/events/105994702853969/

LA blues-rock conjurers Rumspringa hold it down at our twice-monthly Friday band residency Revolver with special guests Blackstrap Molasses and Plasma Centre on January 13 and 27.

LIVE at Pappy & Harriet’s: S.O.S!!… dance party imminent… please send Rescue Band!!  A rock ‘n soul revue featuring some of the desert’s favorite musicians. Ray Woods (Creep Dippers, Thrift Store Allstars) lays down butt shaking beats and sings his smooth soul. JP Houston (The Country, Waxy, Joshua Tree Army) belts out rockers and tears apart the ivories. Carol Ann Crandall (Thrift Store Allstars, Jackie Young Band) thumps out a deep bass groove.





LIVE at Pappy & Harriet’s: saturday january 14th / 5pm: The Shadow Mountain Band / 830PM: SON ARK / 930PM: SOMETHING DIED IN MEMPHIS (featuring Bruce “Ravens” Moreland from Wall of Voodoo) 1030PM: BOWEEVIL






January 28th, 2012!!!

FREE party at the Ace Hotel on the last Saturday of every month!!!




February 10th!!!!

One of the best parties of the year!!! A semi-formal, retro themed Doo Wop costume party!!!  Purchase your presale tickets here for $10 a pop or risk paying $15 at the door!!  Buy tickets here: www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.bigcartel.com



* * * *

Big shout out to all the supporters of The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  We do this for nobody else but you guys!  It’s the readers/supporters that keep this blog going, fueling our fire.  Without your support we would crumble!!  So, thank you – we really can’t thank you enough.  Email me if you ever have any questions, ideas, food, or clothes: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com