Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  And welcome back to another fabulous week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

How have you been?  Yes, you the reader.  I rarely ask you and I’d really love to know (feel free to email your answers here:

Me?  Oh, well… I am doing fine.  Just been very busy.  In my personal life I have actually been moving my residence from one city to another (within the desert, not to worry).  That is probably why the blog has been running a bit slower these past few days.  Moving is so draining and time consuming – but new beginnings are always fun.  In addition to moving, I’ve been busy planning Doo Wop in the Desert and gearing up for the Coachella Art Studios at Coachella 2012!!  So, please excuse  me not being able to attend to my blog as much… it’s a one woman show, and this woman is always on the go!!


However, we shall save my personal life stories for a different blog – right now, we are on The Coachella Valley Art Scene time, so let’s tune in:


Earlier this week we created a Facebook invite for our upcoming event,  Doo Wop in the Desert.  If you haven’t already, please RSVP here:  We are inviting anyone over the age of 18 to attend who loves Palm Springs, dressing up in vintage attire, likes to boogie down wit their bad self, and who also shares the same goals of bringing back the art of romance for 2012!  Check out the event page above and make sure to RSVP!  Also, to be safer than sorry, make sure to purchase your tickets online:


So, there is all this talk about Doo Wop in the Desert… sounds great, but I am sure many of you are asking yourself… where in the world would I get an outfit for an event like that?!  Or, how would I do my make-up, or style my hair for that event?  No need to stress about all that…. The Coachella Valley Art Scene has teamed up with a new vintage retail store in Palm Springs, Deja Vu Room!  The Deja Vu Room: Vintage Boutique will is our suggested place to go find your perfect Doo Wop in the Desert outfit.  We will be sharing photos and outfit suggestions tomorrow!

  Peroxide Hair Salon in Cathedral City is our number one pick to get your hair and make-up done for the big night as well.  The guys and gals over there are all ready for you… they know all about Doo Wop in the Desert and can whip up an amazing behive or bump at your desire.  Fellas…. get a clean shavin’ and a perfected part.  More details on the hair salon later this week as well.


In other news… we are getting ready for Coachella 2012!  As many of you might, or might not, know… we do a large-scale interactive art installation inside the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival called the Coachella Art Studios.  We are SO PASSIONATE about it and LOOOOOOVE putting it on every year.  It seriously provides us enough inspiration in one weekend to last us all year long.  Being that the Coachella Art Studio is our favorite thing in the world to do, we thought we should share exactly what we do, who we work with (big shout out to all of our LOCAL ARTISTS who help put this on), and what you can look forward to this year.  If all this sounds too good to be true, and you got ants in your pants to know more, then click here to get more info:  Look for the rest of the story later this week.


This weekend, we are looking forward to checking out a Graffiti Battle in Palm Desert at the Venus Art Supply shop.  Should be pretty cool.  More details on the event later this week!


In addition to the Graffiti Battle, there are also some art galleries we are looking forward to checking out and those will be featured in our Art Shows a Go Go feature.


Make sure to stop on by to check out a recent Explorations of the Desert: Sirens in Palm Springs.  Within the last couple of months we have found more and more fashion editorials based out in the Coachella Valley.  Not that it’s a surprise, it’s just really nice to see.  So, make sure to see more in this week’s Explorations feature.


And speaking of Explorations of the Desert… the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be starting up an Instagram profile this week!  Instagram is a great way to share edited photos via your cell phone with your friends.  Who has an iPhone!?!  Add us on @TheCVArtScene!!!


Also, bringing back one of our favorite features…. Commercial Break: Way Back When.  Getting into the spirit of all things retro, we feature videos from Palm Springs from way back when.  Get ready to shed a tear for nostalgia.


And as always, be on the lookout for any Random posts that were not mentioned above… you never know what the Internet might bring us.


Things 2 Do Thursday, the listing of all things going down after dark in the desert, will be up later tonight.


Thanks again, everyone, for always being so patient!  I really appreciate all of your support!