Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  Welcome back to another wonderful week here on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog.  Glad to have you!

This week, as you can imagine, has been very busy for us.  Yesterday we spent pretty much all day (minus the night time) styling and photographing a fashion photo shoot to promote Doo Wop in the Desert.  The shoot didn’t center so much around the event itself as much as it did for tips & suggestions for what to wear to the actual event!  It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.  We leaked three photos that were taken on our iPhone and reactions to them were pretty good!  The five rolls of 35mm film will be developed today, the 30 sec promo video will be cut and chopped for YouTube, and an INTERVIEW: Deja Vu Room will be posted up on the blog by Sunday!

I have to admit, I never thought Styling and Photography gigs would be in my deck of cards… but, I am grateful that they are.  Being a blogger is surely a passion of mine, but it’s also nice to get away from the computer to go out and get my hands dirty with creative juices from time to time.  Styling for photo shoots seems to be my new favorite creative project… can’t wait to explore it even further!

In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy what we have created for you…. AND, I hope to see you at the actual event!  Doo Wop in the Desert is maybe one of my favorite events that I put on all year long.  It’s actually, in a bigger sense, a team effort between the party-goers and I.  One of my main responsibilities is to dream up the Interior Decoration for the event and your (as well as all the other party guests) responsibility is to bring it to life by dressing up and boogie down on the dance floor.  Also, let’s not forget the 3rd component of the night – the music!!!  DJ Alf Alpha will be rocking the best of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s and an adorable live band from San Diego, The Amanda’s, will be making you twist, shout and shred the dance floor.  Collectively, we all contribute to the interactive performance piece – so let’s make it a good one to remember, shall we?!

Aside from photo shoots, Doo Wops, and special events there is much more going on around town that we are excited to share with you all.  Here are some highlighted events going on (and will be posted up on) the blog this week:


Some really great art exhibitions are opening, and continuing, around town this week.  In our Art Shows a Go Go feature we will highlight some of the ones that are most appealing to us.  Expect to see what’s new at the Palm Springs Art Museum, Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Michael H. Lord Gallery and Gallery 446!  All of the above have some really cool exhibitions going on right now.  One in particular, the Michael Hinkle solo show at Gallery 446, has really caught our eye and interest.  We will share with you more information on who this local artist is, what he’s all about, and information on his opening exhibition this Friday.  It’s not to be missed!

Something kinda silly, a lot of fun, and 100% fabulous going on this Thursday evening is a free movie screening of Hairspray at the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs.  If you have been following the CVAS for the past couple years, I am sure you know how much we appreciate free movie screenings that are open to the entire community.  Community film screenings help create culture by bringing a bunch of random people together in a small, dark room to share emotions, experiences and imagery together.  Well, this Thursday… I can imagine that the Hairspray screening will be much more than just a passive way to pass time… it’s most likely going to turn into an interactive sing-a-long.  So, sip some tea (or other beverages/shots/liquor) that warm up your throat prior to the film and get ready to belch it out.  I know I will definitely have to be there for this one!


In other news of the funny, the Ace Hotel will be bringing back HA HA Very Funny, a FREE comedic series this Sunday inside the Commune.  HA HA Very Funny is a stand up comedic show… for free!!  Local young comedy duo, Chucklehutt,  will be bringing in a special guest every month to join them.  This month stand-up comedian, Gina Ritter, will be joining them.  LOL!


Another event happening this Saturday that isn’t so much comedy as much as it is excitement and pure entertainment….. is our monthly party, WORLD FAMOUS!!!!  Yes, boys and girls, it’s about that time of the month – the last Saturday of the month!!  World Famous is our monthly event, brought to you by the man on the wheels of steel, ALF ALPHA and your favorite blogger/crafter/party animal, The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  All going down at our favorite Palm Springs boutique, the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  CLICK HERE to RSVP!  We look forward to party rockin’ with you all this Saturday!  Get ready to get your dance and craft on.


Going back in time, something that happened not too long ago was a popular psychedlic rock group, Sleepy Sun, recorded their upcoming album in Joshua Tree.  One of the CVAS’s team members is a fan of them and showed me some photos that they have been posting on their blog… they are beautiful.  So, this week in our Explorations of the Desert feature we will be sharing with you their experience in recording in the desert via their photographic images.


As always, keep an eye our for other blog posts that just might come to the forfront this week.  We like to call those unexpected web stories, Randoms – so, look our for some  those this week as well.  However, you can vertainly always count on the Things 2 Do Thursday posts to steer your weekend nightlife in the right direction every time.


Thanks again for reading/supporting The Coachella Valley Art Scene and we look forward to seeing you all this Saturday night at the Ace Hotel!  Come up and say, “Hello!”.