Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery presents


with works from Brad Howe & Marco Casentini

73040 El Paseo Dr. Palm Desert, CA

5:00pm – 7:00pm

About the Gallery

Melissa Morgan Fine Art is one of the premier destinations in Southern California specializing in cutting-edge international contemporary art in all media for both the savvy collector and for those newer to the art world.
Throughout the multi salon, 6500 square foot space and adjacent sculpture courtyard, the gallery presents museum-quality  installations with visionary and distinguished painters and sculptors, as well as artists working in photography, video, and installation art. Annually, the gallery showcases an extensive schedule of solo and thematic group exhibitions and interpretative programming, including artist and curator lectures and panel discussions. Please visit the gallery during the following hours or contact us directly.  We are always available for private consultation and advisory services.

Brad Howe "Narigote" 57''x60''x14''

Brad Howe "Narigote" 57''x60''x14''

brad howe

Brad Howe

Marco Casentini

Marco Casentini

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