Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello, and welcome back to another amazing week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Well, what can we say…. this week is built up full of anticipation towards our 3rd Annual Doo Wop in the Desert event coming up this Friday night!  We are trying to think about other things besides the Doo Wop…however, it’s so hard!  Since we, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, not only promote the party but we also curate it (decorate, books the talent, designs photo booth and heARTS & Crafts Table), it’s pretty much on our mind 24/7.  So, when actually writing for the blog, it’s hard not to let our inner workings of the brain oooooooooooooze out and into each blog post. Know what I mean?  I am sure you do.

With that being said, this week we are really diving into… yeah, you guessed it… Doo Wop in the Desert!

First things first – the line up.  The Amanadas?!?!  You might be asking yourself, “who are they”?  Well, they are an adorable rock & roll + soul cover band from San Diego that we are super excited to introduce to the desert.  You are going to fall in love just as we did.  Look forward to something new to get excited about.

Also on the line-up, Alf Alpha, a super star DJ who doesn’t normally spin Doo Wop era music but busts it out of his record collection once a year for this special event!  So rad!  He is a man who specializes in party-rocking, and the Doo Wop party takes it to a whole new level of what it is to make people get down on the dance floor this day in age.

In addition to the musical guests that will be rocking the dance floor for us we will also have a photo booth with free photos and printouts brought to you by Iggy Photography. Make sure to also keep an eye out for the heARTS & Crafts table, which will serve it’s purpose as the Love Letter Making Station.  You won’t want to miss that.  Another thing you won’t want to miss is the free cupcakes!!  Get there early to get ’em while the getting’s good.

When you do show up to the Doo Wop, you’ll want to be looking sharp – so we have two mini-fashion editorials blog posts coming up titled, Outfit Inspiration.  The two themes this week are Formal & Rockabilly.  However, looking sharp is not always only in the clothes you wear, it’s also in your hair style so this week we are taking a trip to the salon to give you some style tips on how to rock an Up Do at the Doo Wop.

For all those few and far between that aren’t going to the Doo Wop (weirdos, jk) we do have some other news of the hour for ya.  For example, Foodie Rant with Angie Kat is back in action this week!  This time around she shows us how to make sweets for the sweet!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day… gotta love Angie Kat!

Also non-Doo Wop related, this Sunday there are a few cool things going on: Free 2nd Sundays at the Palm Springs Art Museum and also a Daylight Seating Lounge Party at BIRBA featuring bottomless champagne and DJ… a nice way to tip off the weekend after a hard night of dancing all night long at the Doo Wop on Friday night.  😉  Or a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s early with your loved one.

Looking even further into the future, mark your calenders and save the date for a very special art show that The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Epidemic Skateboard Shop are SUPER EXCITED about!  It is going to be our 3rd artist featured in the CVAS Art Space and we couldn’t be happier. We shall be introducing the young and upcoming Robert Medina and think you will be just as intrigued as we are.


With the past, present and future being featured in the blog this week we have a lot of work to do…. so, we are off!


See ya at the Doo Wop!!!!