Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  How are you all doing out there?  Good to hear.  Well, welcome back to another week here on your favorite blog of all time, The Coachella Valley Art Scene.  😉

Last week, as many of your probably observed, we were super busy!!!  We didn’t even get to do half of the blogging that we wanted to because we were so busy promoting, organizing, and making all the decorations for the Doo Wop in the Desert.  Not being able to blog our brains out for a week is a bummer, however on the flip side, we were doing something else that we are equally passionate about.  Our passion for all things production is split down the middle between curating events and blogging – so, good news is we were doing something we love.  As long as there is passion behind the project that’s all that matters.  Right?!?  Right.

So, now that the event is all said and done, let’s move on with passion project #2…. blogging!!!


Black to the blog we go…


This week we want to just take a step back and start off with thanking everyone who came to Doo Wop in the Desert.  By coming out to our events and showing your support for what we do let’s us know that you enjoy the time and effort that it has taken for us to pump into these projects and will inspire us to keep doing them.  If nobody shows up – then we would just interpret it that nobody likes what we are trying to so and we won’t do it again.  Liking things on Facebook, RSVP digitally to an event… is all fun and games, but the real support comes down to the day of teh event and who walks in through the front doors.  It is those people who we ae very greatful for and it is thos epeople who will be featured in this week’s Doo Wop in the Desert Party Recap.


Ironically, without preplanning, Modernism Week in Palm Springs falls on the week after Doo Wop in the Desert.  (Seriously though, there was no planning of that… that is just one of those curious cases of… “when intellegent minds think a like.”)  So, in a smooth transition from the 1950’s back to the current day, this week (and a little spilling over to into next week) we will be covering some of the events from Modernism Week right here on our blog.  We will be doing small event recaps of some of the events that we were invited to.  Really looking forward to it so keep an eye out!


Speaking of Modernism Week, this Thursday our friends over at Deja Vu Vintage Finery in Palm Springs will be hosting a Fashion Show at the Ace Hotel!  We are so excited for it!  Their fashion show will demonstrate the finest in Palm Springs vintage and proceeds will also be going towards a local non-profit organization.


Also happening in Palm Springs this weekend, the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.  There will be tons of art, art galleries, curators, and artsist there for you to connect with, check out and meet.  We are particulary excietd for a few of them…. more info coming to a CVAS blog post near you very soon.

For all those Eastern bound in the Coachella Valley, there are some really great art shows happening in your part of town, make sure to check out the Art Shows a Go Go feature coming later this week for the listing and information about each one.


And for all of those who are so far North, East, South or West that you can’t be here this particular weekend, but do planning on coming down next weekend or in the near future, I have a couple cool events coming up for you.  (This also goes for locals who are looking for a few good shows to plan for as well.) Coming up next weekend…. is the The Coachella valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha’s monthly dance and craft party, WORLD FAMOUS!  Then following the very next day after World Famous The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Epidemic Skateboard Shop will team up to present the CVAS Art Space’s Opening Reception for Robert Medina.  We are really excited to present to you the latest works from Robert Medina, an underground artist of the Coachella Valley who we truly believe has a bright artistic career in front of him.  The young man is only 21 years old and really has a collection to be proud of already.  More information on both events later this week.


In addition to all things artsy-fartsy on the blog… we will hopefully get a Commercial Break and Random post up this week.  However, one thing you can count on (minus last week) is Things 2 Do Thursday – a post that gives a listing of all the local shows for all the local (and out of towners) music fans here in the desert who are looking to support the local musicians, local venues and local promoters.


Time and time and time again I will say, “THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene,” and time and time again I will mean it from the bottom of my heart!  Couldn’t do it without you guys!