Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 


Hello!  Welcome back to another beautiful week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Man oh man… it is safe to say that last week we took a little unexpected “leave of absence” from the blog.  Sorry about that!  However, it wasn’t like we weren’t working – we were actually working double time.  From 9am-5pm I was working my day job and at night I’d rush over to Fashion Week El Paseo to join DJ Alf Alpha in the booth.  It was great!  So much fun and so inspiring.  However, didn’t leave much room for blogging.  But, on the flip side, it did leave much room for blogging this week – and this is because I have so much content built up that is just waiting to explode out on onto the blog!  A week’s worth to be exact!  So, let’s quit the talking and start the walking (down the runway)….


Photos are almost finished for the Fashion Week El Paseo Recap.  I have to say, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into in the beginning, however once I spent a couple days out there I was hooked.  It was a great experience in that I was really inspired by the designers, the production, the conceptual fashion videos and just seeing such a vibrant audience pack the house every night.  And okay, yeah the desert might not be home to drastic weather changes and seasons, but we did prove ourselves to be a home to a large group of fans of cuts, dies, designs, fabrics and fashion nonetheless.  Big thank you to DJ Alf Alpha who spun at the fashion show every single night and never forgot to put me on his guest list.  Photos coming in a bit!..

What also occupied my free time this past week were two really cool events: Crafting at Lululemon and No Age at Epidemic Skateboard Shop:

Last Monday late afternoon The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Aaron Hansen were invited to share our passion for our craft at lulu lemon in Palm Desert for their Fashion Week themed store event.  Aaron Hansen of Ancient Youth brought his mobile screen printing set-up and was live printing on t-shirts and tote bags inside the store.  The Coachella Valley Art Scene brought our crafts to embellish upon the tote bags that Aaron Hansen screen printed. Each bag had excerpts from lululemon’s mission statement.  After the crafting there was a fashion show and a complimentary candle-lit yoga session.  A really great event and we can’t wait to share the photos with you!

On Sunday evening No Age and Batwings Catwings played semi-secret show at Epidemic Skateboard Shop.  It was rad!  Very intimate.  And some gnarly moshing definitely went down.  Photos from the No Age show will also be up in a bit!  Bigs ups to 5000 Photography for coming through and documenting the night!


So, that’s what was going on last week.  But, that’s the past, let’s look into the future….


This Saturday night is……. WORLD FAMOUS!!!!!!!  The monthly dance & craft party brought to you by Alf Alpha and The Coachella Valley Art Scene inside the Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.  This World Famous is going to be a special one… we will be completely decking it out!  I’m talking ceiling to floor, wall to wall – so get ready to not just party, but embrace a whole new environment.  The party theme is looking to David Bowie for inspiration – so think along the lines of 1980’s glam.  We will be partying under the Dinah Shore party weekend of “Hot Tramp” at the Ace Hotel.  So, feel free to come looking like a Hot Tramp – or just drink like one.  Whatever is clever.  Either way, just come!  World Famous is a really fun party that doesn’t just have a packed dance floor, but also a packed craft table full of free art materials!!!  It’s a win-win.  See ya there!  Basic Info: Saturday night / 10pm-2am / Amigo Room of the Ace Hotel 701 E Palm Canyon Blvd. Palm Springs CA / FREE  (*invite is coming to a Facebook page near you very soon.)


Speaking of music and art… The Hue Festival, a music and art festival organized by the youth of Indio & Coachella, has a deadline for all artists interested in submitting an art installation proposal by Friday of this week.  We will be posting the Hue Festival: Call to Artist in the next hour or so, so keep an eye out for all the info.  The Hue Festival is one of my favorite community events that happens in the Coachella Valley all year long and I believe it is because it is 100% grass-roots and DIY in spirit.  More info coming after the jump off!


And on the topic of art and music festivals that happen in Indio…..ummmm…. yeah… COACHELLA FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t think words can express how hype I am on this year.  I think taking one look in my eyes is the only way to see the excitement that is building up in this mind of mine.  Just thought of experiencing all the levels of intensity; the loud sounds, the heavy vibrations, the people, the music, the art, the sunsets…. ahhh make she want to scream.  But what makes me most excited, and amped, and nervous, and all that is the fact that The Coachella Valley Art Scene curates and produces our own interactive craft installation at Coachella Fest called the Coachella Art Studios!  The interactive craft installation features about 90 local artists who specialize in a particular D.I.Y. themed craft and allows them to shaw their passion and knowledge with concert goers from all over the world.  We offer all the art supplies for free and the campers get to make it themselves, take it home, and remember the experience with their tangible, hand-crafted piece of art.  It’s amazing.  We are located in the campgrounds and we really represent what the local art community of the Coachella Valley is up to every year out there.  This week I will start sharing with you exactly what we do out there  – I have a strong feeling that you are going to LOVE it.


If you are looking for ways to get involved in the local art community of the Coachella Valley, this is a good week to start!  Our Art Shows a Go Go post will feature a listening of local gallery openings and exhibitions that we like that we think you might like too.  In addition to checking out shows, the brand new Coachella Valley Art Center is opening this weekend and it’s a new cultural hub for artists.  More info on all of this and more later this week.  So stay tuned…


Also, next week we are sooooooo excited to bring to you A.O.K (Art of Kraft)!!  A collaboration between Qulture Qreative, BIRBA, and The Coachella Valley Art Scene brings, A.O.K. (Art of Kraft), a monthly showcase that hopes to serve as a vehicle to help connect local business owners with artists and other artist with each other. It is our goal to create a container that’s supports creativity and access to our diverse community.  Our first show on Thursday, April 5th, will feature works from local artists such as Angela Kinley, Maya Kalabic, Kylie Knight, Carlos Munoz, Robert Media and Reem Branscomb.  More info coming this week.  Check it out!


Per usual, we will post our Things 2 Do Thursday post this week as well.  So if you are looking for something to do in the desert this weekend, better find yourself scrolling down the Things 2 Do Thursday post come this Friday to find out.


So, again…. thank you to all of our readers who are patient with us during weeks when we get too crazy busy to even blog.  We always try to make it up to you guys though by trying a little harder the week after.  The day we make big $$$ of this blog is the day we blog all day, every day, and never miss a day of blogging!  Until that day comes…. it’s D.I.Y. till we die!!!!!


Blood, sweat and blogging….