Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers, 



How have you been??!?!?!

How was your Coachella Fest?  Good to hear!

Mine?  Oh, mine was crazzzzzy!  This year, somewhat similar to the past 3 years, I produced the interactive craft installation inside the campgrounds of Coachella Fest called the Coachella Art Studios!!!!!!!!! **

The Coachella Art Studios is very close to my heart.  It is composed of a team of about 90 young artists from Southern California. All of us work together to creative a uniquely fun and creative environment inside the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  Here is where the concert-goer actually participates in the creative process, opposed to being just a spectator.  The Coachella Art Studios lays all the art materials out on the tables and it is up to the individual to craft what is to be their own piece of art to remember the experience by.

Helping us along in the creative process this year was DJ Alf Alpha on the two turntables!  Alf Alpha definitely represents the desert with his chill vibes steady pumping through the speakers all weekend long.  On Sunday, Alf Alpha was asked to rock the Gobi Stage and while he was busy on the other side of the gates, EJ of Young Tough (an Indio native), took control of the sound waves.  We had good music, good art, good people, good company and good art pieces pumping out of the Coachella Art Studios all weekend long, both weekends.

As you can imagine, producing all of this is rather time consuming!  Organizing 90 people both weekends, on top of curating the Coachella Art Studios, and being Alf Alpha’s tour manager is quite tiring – so I had to take a little break from the blog.  A little break just to make sure that I did everything properly during Coachella.

Now that Coachella Fest is over – here I am!!  Back on the blog, back on the grind.  There is so much to look forward to this week and many weekends to come….my job is never done here.

So, let’s get to it!!!….


This week is the last week of the month….so, you know what that means, right?!?! WORLD FAMOUS dance and craft party this SATURDAY night!!!! Woo hoo!!  If you missed The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Alf Alpha at Coachella Fest this past weekend then make sure to check us out this Saturday at the Ace Hotel in the Amigo Room this Saturday for free!!!  The party is always popping, always lots of people on the dance floor and lots of folks crowding the craft table as well.  Don’t be the only person not there.

On the other end of the Coachella Valley (on the same day) is Hue Fest 2!  We wish we could be in 2 places at once but that is close to impossible.  However, we still show support to our good friends!  Hue Fest will be featuring many musicians and visual artists from the Coachella Valley at their community festival put on by the youth of Indio & Coachella.  The festival is free and open to all ages.

Also happening this weekend is the Palm Srings Student Film Festival at the Camelot Theaters.  Make sure to go check out what the future in film is shaping up to be.  More info in a bit.


  As always, thanks for being patient guys!!