If there is one things that the Coachella Valley Art Scene is passionate about… it’s community.  This blog is dedicated to enriching the betterment of the community of the Coachella Valley, so when we see a free event like this one featured below, we can’t help but to get excited!

Make sure to read the “About” and preview the documentary film’s trailer below to learn more about The Power of Community.  Hope to see you there!

This Saturday

a FREE film screening of

The Power of Community

brought to you by Earth Matters Film Series

at the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs

film starts at 9:30am

About the Film:

We’re all living in a post peak oil world.  The cheaper oil has been tapped out, and now it’s increasingly difficult, risky and expensive to fill the tanks of our cars. It’s time to innovate, and this beautiful and uplifting film shows us the ways.
When the former Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba’s oil supply stopped. Cuba is the only country to face such a sudden, massive reduction of fossil fuels. Cubans had to quickly adapt and co-create ways to prosper.
This beautiful, exotic, uplifting and inspiring documentary shows how communities reinvent and rejuvenate. It shows us the ways of survival and sustainability.
Discover why Cubans say, with less oil, their community is much better than it was before.  Being better than before is the essence of what our Earth Matters films, The Palm Springs Office of Sustainability, Peter McGugan’s book “Occupy Consciousness” and ConsciousWorldSummit.comare all about.

About Earth Matters Film Series:

Earth Matters Film Series is a monthly Saturday morning event in Palm Springs in association with the Palm Springs Cultural Center held at the Camelot Theatres.  

Each month, an award-winning new film is shown, followed by a Conscious World Summit short seminar featuring ideas and solutions supporting the local economy, along with networking and learning more about local enterprises. 

Film Trailer:

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