A.O.K. (Art of Kraft) is a monthly showcase that hopes to serve as a vehicle to help connect local business owners with artists and other artist with each other. It is our goal to create a container that’s supports creativity and access to our diverse community. It is held at BIRBA in Uptown Palm Springs, made possible with the support of Qulture Qreative, and is curated by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This month we are really excited to bring the art of craft into the spotlight.  We have been inspired by Angela Kinley & Maya Kalabic’s unique crafts for many years now.  Both artists, who work independently, are not just crafters but are also painters, and are not just painters but active community members as well.  Angela Kinley is known for her hand-crafted jewelry, her whimsical paintings, and for being dedicated to the local nonprofit organization SafeHouse of the Desert.  Maya is most famous for her sub-pop-street art-ish paintings, also for her toys, and for being the Art Director of PULP and The Botton Line Magazine.  If there is 1 thing we like its’s 2 women who do 3 different types of art.

In AOK’s (Art of Kraft) third installment, last one of this season, we are excited to bring you a variety of local artists .  Featuring new works from Maya Kalabic, Angela Kinley, Aaron Hansen, Rick Rodriguez, Steven Preston, Cakefetti, and Wane Kan.  We are looking forward to getting picked up for another season!  To make this happen please come out and support – art, crafts, drinks and great food abound. Looking forward to seeing you there.


AOK Spotlight Artist: Maya Kalabic

on her paintings, found objects and wanting to be a bee keeper


The CVAS: Describe the pieces of work that you are bringing to the AOK Art Show this Sunday.

Maya Kalabic: Most of the work that I will have for this show on Sunday is repurposed and recycled original art with acrylics on wood, cardboard etc.

Chess - Maya Kalabic

The CVAS: Let’s talk about your found art pieces.  Where are you getting the materials from?  

Maya Kalabic:  I pick up anything that I think I can paint on – desert weathered objects, rocks, scraps of wood, recycled cardboard etc.


The CVAS: What inspires you about the city that you live in?  How do you think it reflects in your art?

Maya Kalabic:  Wide open spaces, contrast in colors, bright blue skies and visible stars at night, hardy plants and vibrant desert flowers, mountains and calmness that gives comfort are my biggest sources of inspiration. I just did a series of paintings inspired by the desert – again big blue skies and bright colors. For this show, definitely I have more raw surfaces for my paintings as a juxtaposition of the desert.

best Friends - Maya Kalabic

The CVAS:  How is your workflow different when you painting vs. crafting?

Maya Kalabic:  Hmmmm…crafting to me is more experimental and more of a technical process, painting is more leisurely and relaxed somehow.  I usually don’t have some big concepts for my art – it just naturally pours out of me.

The CVAS: You not only are a great artist, but have an interesting day job…can you tell us more about that?

Maya Kalabic:  Thanks for that! I do have an interesting day job and I love it. I am an art director for two magazines here in Palm Springs. During the day it’s all computer work and graphics, so I very much enjoy doing my own art at home after work. It feels very well balanced. 

pergo - maya kalabic

The CVAS:  What are you obsessed with at the moment? 

Maya Kalabic:  Books, I am reading a few at the time. I went back to my homeland, the former Yugoslavia, recently and brought back quite a collection of books in my language and in Cyrillic at that. Pretty much everything about the Balkans is my obsession in a way. It’s what I am made of and being there recently after 17 years left an extra magical impression that joined in my memories and realities – but still there is definitely a nostalgia that grows more as I am getting older. Besides all this, I heart bees and would love to be a beekeeper, but since I am lacking free time I think that might wait for when I retire. Also I am a gardener and I am obsessed with growing and drying my own garden herbs and learning more about herbal remedies.

Happy Thoughts - maya kalabic
To check out and purchase some of Maya’s paintings on found objects be at the AOK (Art of Kraft) art show from 11am-2pm this Sunday at BIRBA in Palm Springs.