Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  Welcome back to another splendid week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

This week we take some time to reflect back on a few events and a few prints from the past.  “Prints from the past”… what exactly does that mean?!?!  Well, let me explain….


The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Historical Advisor, Steven Preston, recently forward me an email linking me to publication from the past.  And when I say “past”, I’m talking 1940’s.  The publication was called, Desert Rat Scrap Book, and it’s currently fueling me.  Could this be the first ever DIY publication from the Coachella Valley?!  Who is the man behind the print?  What was going on in the Coachella Valley circa 1946?  If we think it’s “dead” in the summer time now, just imagine back then.  What can a lot of nothingness inspire and evoke in a writer?  Was he the first ever blogger/writer to document the scene out here?!?!  So many questions and very few answers will be posted this week on the blog.  Keep a look out (not in your mail box, but on your computer screen, that is).


Also, in theme of time traveling back into time, we will recap happenings from the past this week.  We have hundreds of photos in our computer from different events, all of which contribute to the young and blooming art culture of the Coachella Valley…although, all of which mean nothing if I don’t share them with you.  From ANTA’s Art Show, to AOK Pop-Up Art Show Recap, to World Famous (night party) and our World Famous Pool Party… we got a lot on our shoulders that we need to brush off.


Speaking of arts and culture and photos and hot and all that…. Slipping Into Darkness is on fire.  If you don’t know about the band, they hail from Desert Hot Springs and they have recently been recording all new music and performing live in cities in Southern California to Mexico.  We haven’t done a Sounds of the Desert in a while, but we recently just got inspired to.


In other art news, we got such a great response from Kylie Knight’s reprints of her articles in the CV Weekly that we are looking forward to posting another one.  A talented visual artist herself, Kylie asks questions from an artists perspective with an artists’s inquiring mind.  Great descriptions and deep thoughts… the Kylie Knight Chronicles are back by popular demand.


Taking two steps forward but one step back… we share with you guys some Free Film Screenings and information regarding the American Documentary Film Festival that are happening this week in the desert!  Both of which, we are ultra excited about.


Also, looking into the future… the Palm Springs Short Film Festival is next week and guess what… we have passes for all week!  That means we will be covering the festival on the blog all week long via photos, pictures and video… so make sure to stay tuned in because here is where you will be able to get a cool perspective on a super cool annual desert event.


So many great things to look back upon and just as many to look forward to…. thanks for always be such great listeners.  😉