Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  And welcome back to another lovely week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

I already know what you’re thinking…. you’re doubting me.  Right?  You’re asking yourself, “what could possibly be going on in the desert right now?  It’s 100+ degrees out!”.  Well, doubt no longer.  The desert is no place to doubt yourself (or others), or you won’t survive.

This week in the desert there is plenty to do, in fact, almost too much.  Okay, let’s just be honest – I’m kinda freaking out.  The Palm Springs International ShortFilm Festival is in town and it has me all whipped up!  I want to attend every screening, get into every party, taste a sample of every ordurve , and sip on every free glass of wine while still allowing myself time to blog, do the day job, get some physical exercise and attend some art shows on the side.  It’s not impossible – it’s just a challenge.  So rather then doubt myself – let’s just get to it!..

All this week our main focus on the blog will be dedicated to documenting the Palm Spring International ShortFilm Festival and we are very excited to share the experience with you guys.  And, to be clear, we are not just “sharing” the experience with you…. we are inviting you to come!  The Palm Springs International Film Festival is one that is not “over the top”, or one with lines that wrap around the block, or any paparazzi.  It’s a festival full of up-and-coming directors and film makers who are hungry to have their visions seen and stories told.  And even beyond the individual, it’s all about sharing culture and uniting via a universal love for escaping reality via the silver screen.  This film festival, in particular, is one of our favorites that take place all year long here in the Coachella Valley.  It’s also the one that we feel pertains and is most relevant to The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s readers.  The only bad thing about it is that not enough people our age are showing up and supporting this kind of Festival – but hopefully we can change that!  Our mission is to get you all there this week – so don’t make us come to your house and drag you out (bloggers are always better behind the computer screen anyways)!!


Outside from the film festival circus, this week we will also be featuring an Interview: Organic Farmer from Sage Mountain Farms via Foodie Rant with Angie Kat, one of our favorite monthly guest blogger series!  Angie interviews Eddie, a local organic farmer from Hemet who sells his produce at the Palm Springs Farmers Market.  Eddie shares with Angie his love and craft of growing, going and educating the community on eating organic.

We will also be celebrating Go Skateboarding Day by asking some of the Epidemic Skateboard Squad some great places to skate and skate to in the Coachella Valley.  Just make sure to bring a lot of water wherever you go because it’s blazing hot outside.

There are a couple really cool Art Shows in town and coming up – we advice that you attend them all.  Okay, so maybe you can’t go to ALL, but we give you enough info to let you pick and choose what best suites you.  Come back for that one.

Not this weekend, but next weekend is WORLD FAMOUS!  Do you know that means?  Yes, party time.  Yes, craft time.  Yes, drink time.  Basically, “yes” to everything fun.  Make sure to come out to the party that keeps on pumping – every last Saturday of the month at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club from 10pm-2am, always free!

And since we are all naturally party animals, and we all love the local art scene, and since we all should go out and support the local businesses around here… Things 2 Do Thursday will list off some of the best things to do after the sun sets in the desert this weekend.


When it’s as hot as it is…. the last thing you want to be cooped up in your house.  The first thing you should attempt to do is get out and interact with other human beings!  How to do that in the desert?  Make your way down to the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs to go check out the Palm Springs International ShortFilm Fest… trust.  You have nothing to loose and only entertainment, enrichment and air-conditioning to gain.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our ShortFilm Fest posts all week long – and we look forward to seeing you there!!!