Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  Welcome back to another week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Last week we had a blast – got to crash a lot of the Palm Springs International ShortFest film screenings.  If you haven’t been yet – you gotta go next year.  It’s seriously one of the coolest things to do in the Summertime here in the desert – literally and figuratively.  I mean, what else beats being inside the movie watching independent films by upcoming, young, talented film makers?  And then in-between films catching a bite at Jaio and drink at Birba…. a great week/end all around for culture, food, entertainment and personal enrichment.

This week, there is not an amazing Film Fest to attend, however, there are a few other really quality events to check out!:


This Saturday, the last Saturday of the month, is my favorite Saturday.  Why? Because every last Saturday of the month means that it’s time for the World Famous dance and craft party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs!!! The World Famous party is the once-a-month event that The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Alf Alpha put on.  It’s always free, always on the last Saturday of the month, always goes from 10pm-2am, always a free craft table, always stiff drinks, and always beautiful people.  However, one thing that it is not “always” is the music…you never know what Alf Alpha will spin, how he will vibe with the crowd, and where he will take the night…all that depends on you and all your friends that come!!  You gotta rock the party just as much as Alf Alpha does to make it happen.  So…. come be apart of the interactiveness this Saturday!!!  Here is a link to the greatest party on planet earth (if you ask me): 


This Friday three young, beautiful, talented and local women will take over the Venus Studios Art Space for a trio art show titled, Outside in Here.  Kristin Winters, Rose Winters and Natalie Aguayo will demonstrate what it truly looks like to exist in the Valley.  Many tourists and snow birds come and go, but these three were raised here, fled the nest (to attend art colleges) and have recently returned to see the desert from a new, raw perspective.  What is that perspective?  We are looking forward to seeing it as well.  Not only are we excited to cover the art show, but will also get the opportunity to Interview each of these women!  So stay tuned in for that!


In addition to the Outside in Here show at the Venus Studios Art Space we also wanted to remind you that the Palm Springs Art Museum is open free to public every Thursday during the summer.  And, if you happen to be trying to get out of the desert this weekend, we recommend you heading up to Riverside on Saturday for the annual Sea No Evil show that is always really good.  If this sound up your alley then make sure to come back to the blog for the Art Shows a Go Go post.


Tonight, at the Palm Springs Art Museum, is a free foreign film screening!  Travel the world without ever leaving the Coachella Valley via the big screen.  These free film screenings take place every Thursday, always start at 6pm and are a great way to end a work day.  More info on who, what, when and where in just a bit!


Also, keep an eye our for the infamous Things 2 Do Thursday  party post!  We like to call it the “party post” because we try to feature every independent party (featuring local musicians and/or touring musicians being featured at our favorite local venues) here in the Coachella Valley each week.  Because, really…. what’s life in the desert without a party?  Every community needs an excuse to come out from under the rocks and woodworks to share a night of unexpectedness with one another.  Plus, it’s a great way to keep our local economy going…and show local businesses that our age group does matter.


Again and again, I’d like to thank all of our local readers for staying with The CVAS through it’s ups and downs!  It’s hard being a blogger these days in these times!  So, your patience is very well appreciated… probably more than you know.


** We are looking for writers!  If you are passionate about art, culture, community and blogging then please send us an email and we will get back to you!