This Friday evening at the Venus Art Studio in Palm Desert a trio of female artists will open the doors at 6:00pm to their art show, OUTSIDE IN HERE.  Natalie Aguayo, Kristin Winters, and Rose Winters; in their collaboration, have physically manifested the internal perception of the Coachella Valley.
OUTSIDE IN HERE is the attempt to showcase how a single surrounding penetrates and influences the human psyche. Each of the individual artists grew up and came of age within the desert setting; the external stimuli of living in an inhospitable environment shaped them as people and as artists. Rather than expressing detest for this barren world, these artists celebrate their desert origins; they celebrate the beauty of the surreal wonder and struggle caused by living in empty exhaustive heat.
Natalie, Kristin, and Rose all share this similar experience, and all perceive it differently. Whether it is by photo, painting, or drawing, OUTSIDE IN HERE captures the energy extracted from our surroundings, our love ones, and personal journeys. It is the energy you will bring into the room, when you open yourself to engage with their work.
This week we had some time to speak with each of the women and got an opportunity to find out what was inside that brought it to Outside in Here.
So, without further ado… 



INTERVIEW: Kristin Winters

on her background and evolution as an artist


The CVAS: What city did you grow up in?  
Kristin Winters: La Quinta.  Been here my entire life.
When did you first start referring to yourself as an artist?  What were you creating then?
KW: I finally owned the title “artist” when I was in my BFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Back then the main subject matter of my work was Industrial images: Container ships in the San Francisco Bay, the freighter cranes in Oakland, and Substations from the Dog Patch/China Basin district of San Francisco.  My paintings were often very large (6 to 8 feet long) to capture the power and ominous feel of these images.   

How has your style and message evolved? 
KW: My art style has changed almost 360 degrees!  You can still tell it’s created by me- but the subject is completely different.  Now its about my life/inner world and experience here in my childhood home. I’m sensitive to my environment, so the extreme change of climate and place have influenced my art emmsenly . After all – there are no Freighter ships out here in the desert.



Where has your art taken you? 
KW:  So many places, shows and people. During the past couple years; I’m appreciating my college experience at SFAI more and more.  There was so much love, support, from all of my Professors and fellow artists and close friends.  It was a great period of intense practice and learning- I feel like I’m still digesting all the information and experience I had during those 3 years!
Flash Forward to moving back here, I met many other local artists by going to shows and parties.  I remember going to an art party at The Tangerine House a couple years ago and being so excited that there was a community of young energetic creative people: Graffiti artists, comic book artists, writers, DJs, and awesome local bands. It’s a completely different world from San Francisco, but I have to say, all the artists down here are very real. I feel like we all influence and inspire each other- I hope they feel the same way about me.


Why do you do what you do?  What is it that you want to share with the world? 
KW: I create art because I have to.  I feel almost like it’s the only way for me to come to terms with the world around me, both physically and emotionally.  The other things that fill up everyday life: going to work, watching tv, eating, sleeping are all so passive.  With my art I get to be active – I actually get to create my own world!
I feel that art, paintings, music, books, film, make life beautiful and meaningful.  It doesn’t really matter, “What ART MEANS,” the fact that art simply exists is incredible.  Showing my paintings allow me to interact with people from all walks of life.  Even if we don’t speak the same language they can have an emotional connection with my work- that’s also an incredible thought.


Can you tell me a little bit about the live bands that will be playing?  What kind of music are they?  Why did you choose those bands?   
KW:  The Fat’s Sabobah is Zach Boyles an electronic music artist and also a painter.  His music is like a soundtrack to a lucid dream-  ambient electronic beautiful noise.  His music is the perfect match for the visuals in our show!
Pagan Powers is a punk band from Indio.  I’ve been friends/hanging out with the band members at local shows for the past 2 years.  They have so much raw energy, and sound fresh and real.  Plus Kylie’s lyrics and voice (screams) kills!



Favorite time of day?  
KW: The magic hour: 6 – 8:00pm, depending on the time of year.  When the sun sets behind the mountain and everything looks like it’s dipped in gold.

Least favorite time of day?  
KW: 3:00pm,  nothing to do and it’s too hot.

Best street to cruise?
KW: Where the sidewalk ends.

Place to escape?
KW: The Painted Canyons in Mecca,CA

Place to be scene?
KW: The Hood on Open-Mic nights and anywhere an art show is going on.

Favorite view?
KW: La Quinta Cove at 3:00am, when you can see the milky-way and all the shooting stars.

Favorite subject?
KW: Right now… alchemy.

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