Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello, and welcome back to another fabulous and fun week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene!


First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone who made it out to the World Famous dance & craft party at the Ace Hotel this past Saturday!  The night started off slow… and then… BAM!!…at around 11:30pm the party was jam packed, on and poppin’!  We really appreciate all the people coming out on a monthly basis to support us and our movement.  We got a lot of love for the regulars and a lot of love for the newbies too.  We look forward to partying with you all summer long and beyond, every last Saturday of the month.  Next one is June 28th!  We will see you there!!!


This week is home to one of the most precious holidays, Independence Day on July 4th!  A fun, causal holiday with pretty fireworks and yummy BBQs.  Can’t go wrong.  Plus, everyone has the day off.  Swag.  This week we provide you with a list of where all the firework shows in the Coachella Valley will be happening so you can watch the fireworks and show ’em what you’re worth (yeah, referenced Katy Perry..ok, I’ll stop).  Best thing about firework shows is that they bring not only the family and loved ones together, but they also bring the community together.  Make sure to come back later today for the list!


Speaking of fun community gatherings, P.S. Resorts of Palm Springs is starting a new weekly free film series at the Forever Marilyn sculpture in Downtown Palm Springs every Friday evening this Summer.  Featuring the best films that Marilyn Monroe stared in, the Forever Marilyn Outdoor Movie Screenings will take place on the wall behind Marilyn allowing all guests to watch the film on the grass besides/under her.  The Forever Marilyn Outdoor Movie Screenings start on July 13th as soon as the sun sets.  We thought this sounded like a fabulous idea!  Don’t you?  We will give you the schedule early so you can plan to picnic out there starting next week.


The Forever Marilyn Outdoor Movie Screenings starts next week, however, the Free Foreign Film Series at the Pam Springs Art Museum is surely king on this week (and every Thursday for the rest of the summer).  This week you can escape the desert… better yet, escape the entire country, by traveling to a far away land known as Persia via the silver screen.  The Persian film, Mourning, starts at 6:00pm sharp.  The film takes you through stories and places you never thought you’d get the opportunity to travel to.  Come back to the blog for more info later this week!


This week we will also be flashing back to last Friday.  Last Friday was the opening of the group art exhibition of Outside in Here.  It was a great show, with a great turnout.  This week we share the photos we took and that Johnny 5000 captured as well.  Congrats to Rose, Kristin and Natalie for all their success and shout out to Venus Art Space for being just plain awesome.  So make sure to look out for the Event Recap: Outside in Here later this week.  


If you happened to miss last Friday’s Outside in Here exhibit at Venus Art Space in Palm Desert then make sure to catch the 99 Bucks art show at the Backstreet Arts District in Palm Springs this Saturday.  99 Bucks is an art show where all the art is for retail price at… yup, you guessed it, $99.  The cool trick is that you don’t know whose art it is until you bought it.  It could be a famous person, it could be an up-and-comer… just have to use your gut instinct and pick what “talks to you” the most.  More details later this week.


And if you can’t make it on Saturday to the 99 Bucks art show, then definitely give a shot at the Free 2nd Sundays at the Palm Springs Art Museum this Sunday.  Of course, you can’t purchase any art here (only stuff from the gift shop), however, it never hurts to be in an air-conditioned museum looking at super cool art for a couple hours!  Plus, not only can you look at art but you can also engage in lots of really fun activities for art fans, family, grown-ups and more!  More details coming soon!


And okay, if you didn’t make it last friday to Outside in Here, you can’t make it to 99 Bucks this Saturday, and you forget about the Free 2nd Sunday…. then, at least make sure to check out our Commercial Break this week!  We are bringing this feature back from the blog grave!  This actually used to be one of our favorite blog posts to put on… however it just ended up disappearing!  Must be because we started a Tumblr account.  Anyways, make sure to come back this week to catch the Commercial Break, a series of Youtubes/Vimeos that are based in or made from people/places/things from the Coachella Valley!


Last, but certainly not least, Things 2 Do Thursday.  The post that keeps on posting!  We try to get a list of fun events that taken place in the desert after the sun goes down every weekend here in the Coachella Valley.  So, just in case you aren’t an art gallery fan… you might be a local music fanatic, and we got you covered.  Come back on Thursday for that one.


Thanks for always emailing and hitting us up with kind words!  We really appreciate the support and are glad we can help you guys out!