The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha are taking the party overseas and we’d like our CVAS readers to join us!




As of now, there are very few details to share.  Couple things that are certain is that both The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Alf Alpha will be on the boat all six days.  We will board ship from Florida on December 16th, travel to the Bahamas, to Jamaica, and return to Florida on December 23rd.

Alf Alpha will be pleying everyday!

The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be crafting every day!

And you’re invited, so let’s do this!


ss coachella voyage 2012 poster

See the line up???  It’s so solid.  That last artist name up there, Alf Alpha, yeah he’s from the Coachella Valley, by way of Palm Desert!!

If you click,, you can see it even bigger.


Alf Alpha 

Palm Desert, CA

Alf Alpha SS Coachella



After you check out everyone on the Line-Up, make sure to scroll on over to the “Voyage” tab and click on “On-Board Activities.”  There is where you will find a fabulous list of entertaining and interesting things to do while aboard ship.  Scroll down a bit and right in the middle, you shall find, The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Coachella Art Studios featured under “Boats n’ Crafts”!!!!

Don’t know about the Coachella Art Studios??  The interactive craft installation that The Coachella Valley Art Scene has been curating and coordinating every year at Coachella Fest for the past 4 years?  Well, then watch the video below to get the gist of it:


Coachella Art Studios

curated & coordinated by The Coachella Valley Art Scene

Desert Hot Springs, CA

coachella art studios, boats n crafts on ss coachella


What’s the cruise gonna be like?  Check out this cool photo collage I found on the internet:

ss coachella



Alf Alpha and I have been attending Coachella Fest for 10+ years, so we are excited and honored to be able to to be apart of the next level of the festival by having the opportunity to board SS Coachella 2012.

This is a not just a big deal for us, but it’s also big for The CVAS’s loyal readers, Alf Alpha’s fans…and for our hometown, the Coachella Valley!

All abbboooaaarrddd!

For more information regarding SS Coachella, please visit: