This Friday evening the two-time Grammy award winning band Wilco will perform at The McCallum Theater in Palm Desert.  

Led by Jeff Tweedy, Wilco burst onto the music scene in 1995, emerging from the ashes of the alt-country band, Uncle Tupelo.  Since then, they have produced 8 studio albums, none of them sounding like the last.  Refusing to be boxed into any one particular musical genre, Rolling Stone has described them as “America’s foremost rock impressionists.”


Last week I was presented the opportunity to interview Wilco’s guitarist, Nels Cline, for Palm Springs Life’s online blog.  And as you can imagine, I took them up on the opportunity right away and was very honored to do so.

Actually, let’s just be honest….. I was super hyped and nervous to do so!  I mean, c’mon….it’s Nels Cline of Wilco!  Who wouldn’t be!?!


Make sure to click the link below to read the whole conversation between Cline and I as he shared his old school desert stories, insights on the future of band and an explanation of how he manages the 48 guitars he has with him on stage every night.



INTERVIEW: Wilco’s Nels Cline

conducted by Sarah Scheideman of The CVAS for Palm Springs Life


(Excerpt from Palm Springs Life.  To read full interview click here.) 


Q:  The band Wilco was originated in Chicago; however, I read somewhere that you were born and raised in Los Angeles.  Do you happen to have any connections to the Coachella Valley? 

A:  Yes, I do!  I was friends with the Coachella Valley band, the Sort of Quartet.  I used to drive out to the desert to play shows and jam with Mario Lalli at his venue in Indio, Rhythm & Brews, years ago.  Always was a good time.


Q:  This Friday, you will be returning to the desert to play in a show at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert.  How is a theater performance different from others, and what can we expect to hear from you guys?

A:  I’m not sure what we will perform on Friday night.  It all comes down to the leader of our band, Jeff Tweedy.  He gives us the set list the night of the performance and we take it from there.  We have been playing more tracks off of our new album, however, other songs from our song book are great for theater performances.  So, you just never know!  

Also, the sets vary on the exact day that we will play.  So, for instance, on Friday and Saturday nights people want to party, so we try to bring that energy to the stage.  

If someone does want to request a particular song for us to play, there is a place on our band’s website that allows for fans to put in their requests. 


Q:  How many instruments are with you on stage?

A: Oh man, a lot!!!  We have a lot of gear.  There are about 48 guitars.  This is why we don’t play so many “exotic” shows, because of our elaborate production. 

Having this many guitars is a weird luxury, we are able to create the right tones, to set the right mood for the audience.  I feel lucky to be able to choose a certain guitar for a particular sound and feel for a song.


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Who: Wilco

What: Live at the McCallum Theater w/ openers Jonathan Richman & Tommy Larkins

When: Friday, September 28th

Where: 73000 Fred Waring Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260

Time: 8:00pm



Wilco’s Website

McCallum Theater’s website

Palm Springs Life Full Interview: