‘Snowbirds’ of the desert typically come and go, from here to there, they drop in and then quickly fly out taking a lot with them and leaving little behind.  Except for one snowbird in particular who comes to the Coachella Valley with intent to create culture and leave a lasting impact… 

Meet David Richey.  

David Richey, Qulture Qreative + Birba

David Richey, Qulture Qreative

Snowbird/Promoter, Organizer and Co-CEO to the creative agency, Qulture Qreative.

 Qulture Qreative is based out of Seattle, Washington and has been producing nightlife, zines, clothing companies and much more for the LGBT community of Seattle for over a decade.

Within the past three years Qulture Qreative has began to infiltrate the Palm Springs nightlife by booking performance artists from the North here in the desert to give us a little taste of what the underground nightlife in Seattle is all about.

And we like it.  

This new taste of Seattle is a good change up from the long lived, heavy influence of Los Angeles that is (and has been for many years) so prevalent in Palm Springs. 

Luckily for us, to get a taste of Seattle’s street scene we don’t have to go far.

Located in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs, is Birba, the restaurant and bar that has been the official venue to host Qulture Qreative’s shows.  

 This weekend you can see what it is all about as they have booked a solid live music lineup for Gay Pride Weekend in Palm Springs that is fun, fresh, and different from the rest.

Starting on Friday night and wrapping on Sunday, they will be showcasing the freshest up and coming in the LBGT music scene from not just Seattle, but the entire West Coast; including Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  

We know, there’s plenty to do in Palm Springs this weekend with well over 100 performance artists booked around town, however at Birba is where you can see what Qulture Qreative is up to and will continue to push for the rest of season as well.

So, without further ado, I present to you and all the info you will need regarding COMPOUND weekend featuring info on artists, time slots, links, and more.  Not to mention, a great Interview between QQ & The CVAS below as well!

compound palm springs


We are so excited to update the announcement for our events, schedule and talent lineup for this Years “COMPOUND” Gay Pride PSP 2012 at Birba http://www.birbaps.com/ and Alcazar Palm Springs http://alcazarpalmsprings.com/ .

“COMPOUND”,is a cross generational west coast love fest that offers an alternative choice for a more inclusive “Gay Pride”. There are so many options for people in Palm Springs for this infamous city wide event and Qulture Qreative aims to curate a“refuge” from all the madness. A place where all kinds of queer people that seek something different from the usual fair can come and relax, exchange ideas, eat, drink and yes celebrate! Compound pride is about Collective individualism that includes L.G.B.T.Q. and ALL People who love freely!

We are excited, for our second year with partners; Cheeky’s, Birba and Alcazar, to celebrate Palm Springs Gay Pride. Qulture Qreative is curating an all-star event that will be taking place on all three property’s and will offer a diverse array of artists and performers.


Qulture Qreative Presents….




AB Soto


(LAX) http://absotomusic.com/

Born in East Los Angeles AB‟s work as a visual / performance artist and musician is an amalgamation of his Latin roots and early influences; street and pop culture. This combined with a rebellious streak that challenges and questions mainstream gay culture and norms is what defines AB as a recording artist. His aim is to show the diversity of the more marginalized members of the gay community and bring them to a wider audience. BUTCH QUEEN // BANJEE // CUBZ // DANDY MEN // BEARZ // FEMME QUEENZ // TRANZ QUEER // BI // LESBIAN // DRAG KINGZ // FAGZ


lady bear


(SFO)  http://www.facebook.com/IamLadyBear

In 2008 Ladybear exploded onto the San Francisco scene. “Model, Actress & hooker” Ladybear has also branched out into acting live on stage in Sex in the city and Rosanne. She has toured with Trannyshack to Los Angeles, Seattle, and New Orleans. She also hosts the monthly Nightclub Cub Scout with LA legends Chris Bowen & Victor Rodriguez. From highbrow to trash culture, she keeps her audiences captivated, whether it is on a stage, club or the 7-11 parking lot!




(SEA)  http://soundcloud.com/LAKendall www.theeyesoflaurakendall.blogspot.com

A Pioneer & Innovator in Seattle nightlife, with parties like Kiss My Ass, Hot Mess, Hard Times, and Lezbro. Producer, Dj, Vocalist & Song Writer. A set by L.A. Kendall might include Classic House, Disco, Top 40, Electro, Indie, and original tracks (with live vocals). She’s shared the stage with MEN, Boy George, Vockah Redu, Princess Superstar, Spinderella, Cazwell, Amanda LePore and many more.



(PDX)  http://soundcloud.com/mr-roy-g-biv.

Roy G Biv has been the main organizer, promoter,
and DJ for BENT- a dark, dirty and damn good dance party. Voted as North Portland’s best kept gay secrets (pdx mercury) and best night of 2010 (qpdx) BENT- a night for queers and their admirers seeks to build social nights that are anti-racist, body-positive, sex positive, and queer-as fun. Roy G Biv has worked with Vockah Redu, Spinderella, Lauren Flax, and Tina T.




(SFO)  http://www.facebook.com/heklina.heklina


Heklina has hosted Trannyshack from the beginning in 1996 at the STUD bar. Now the longest running drag event in San Francisco. Trannyshack also Tours regularly on the west coast. Heklina also acts in local theater productions and emcees a variety of community and charitable events including the Folsom Street

Fair (along with Sister Roma) and San Francisco
Pride. She also co-produces and co-hosts the Miss Trannyshack Pageant widely considered the premiere annual drag event in San Francisco that has sold out every year since inception.




(SEA)  http://www.facebook.com/glitterbang

Glitterbang a two piece electronic pop band formed in 2009 by Joey Veneziani and Nicki Boedigheimer. From the influence of bojour jeans, DFA records and gadgets glitterbang creates super fun melodic and danceable music. “I love page4image11288“…Adrian Ryan (The Seattle Stranger). ” page4image11856, is one of Seattle‟s most promising bands in the fast-rising electronic pop scene”…Chris Burlingame(Another Rainy Saturday). Glitterbang will boss you and you will dance about it!



Mr. Charming has been organizing, promoting,
and DJ’ing in since 2005. Their most notable night- Gaycation is a monthly queer night in PDX that is one of the towns longest running dance parties that will be going on 6 years soon. Featuring local and international performers; and is now a staple of PDX queer night
life. Mr. Charming is has also worked with Spinderella, Kim Ann Foxmann, and MEN.



(SEA)  (Miss Bacon Strip 2012)

homoarigato.wordpress.com http://www.facebook.com/baconstripseattle

A drag orphan new on the Seattle scene who found a home at Bacon Strip at Re-Bar, Her acts have been a theatrical circus, from casual encounters with a man- wolf, to playing six merry murderesses (in six minutes), to giving birth to Jesus Christ himself! Ho Mo is the reigning Miss Bacon Strip 2012, a crown made for “those other queens.”


double douchess


(SFO)  http://doubleduchess.com/

With ferocious beats and playful narratives, the high- energy electro-hop duo met in 2009. Krylon Superstar‟s years of international performance art and fashion genius brought davO‟s years of emceeing, production, and musical experiences to the stage. Together they‟ve been heating up the national queer scene with their debut EP „Hey Girl!‟ Their fresh, lo-fi, and raw sound of campy electro-hop transcends genres and genders. These unforgettable divas will have you wishing you were as queer as they are!



(LAX) http://soundcloud.com/lifepartner

Inspired and informed by regional club music‟s, lifepartner creates low-end-heavy music that strives to remain unclassifiable. His high-energy DJ sets blend global bass, house, hip hop and RnB into cohesive sets that are rhythmically unrelenting.




(LAX)  http://www.facebook.com/msnavidad http://lapoptart.com/

Recently named “one of the 25 most inspiring people in Los Angeles” by Frontiers Magazine; Phillip Bandel aka drag performer/performance artist/DJ and gallery owner. Phyllis Navidad has entertained audiences across California at such legendary nightspots as Shits & Giggles, A Club Called Rhonda, Trannyshack and many more.




(SFO)  http://www.facebook.com/viennetta.discotheque

Stanley Frank has been Djing in San Francisco for nearly a decade. His mix of upbeat house, disco and dance music for muppetz has had him playing for a wide variety of queer parties for yearz. as of now, he djs at the stud’s art/drag/mess “SOME THING”, el rio’s less-than- passing “daytime realness”, the lookout’s latin-laced “i love cochina tonga’s!”, Q bar Saturdays with Jem Jehova, and the always continental “Viennetta Discotheque” at the underground SF, housing the finest dance music found on Monday nights.



Qulture Qreative Presents…




Birba Friday night 11.2.12 9:30p-1:30a
W/DJ‟s L.A. Kendall (SEA), Mr. Charming and Roy G. Biv, (PDX) and Lifepartner (LAX) Special appearance from Miss Bacon Strip 2012 HO MO ARIGATO
LIVE performances from Double Duchess (SFO) and Glitterbang (SEA) FREE



ab soto

Birba Saturday night 11.3.12 9:30p-1:30a

Phyllis Navidad (Poptart Gallery), Cody Bayne (Trannyshack, Ginger, The Lot) And Jason Gordon (Sharper Image) give you…

W/DJ‟s Phyllis Navidad and Trident (LAX) LIVE performances from AB Soto (LAX) and Lady Bear




qulture qreative

ALCAZAR POOL DAY 11.6.11 1p-6p


Pool Party and BBQ (Following the parade)

The infamous San Francisco daytime drag party comes to the desert! W/Stanley Frank (Vienetta Discotheque) and HEKLINA (Trannyshack) special surprise guest performances, TBA stay tuned!

FREE for hotel guests. $10 for outside guests.



qulture qreative

INTERVIEW: Qulture Qreative

The brains & bronze behind the creative duo who are making waves in the desert.

conducted by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene


qulture qreative

The CVAS: How did Qulture Qreative come to be?

LA Kendall of QQ: David and I have been friends for nearly two decades.  We’ve been through it all.  I think we have similar beliefs in regards to integrity and what it is we are trying to create spatially in regards to the vibe of a situation.  Through creatively, sometimes that can mean different things for both of us, but it generally always leads to the same place.  We also, because of our history, have a great working relationship, leveraging our weaknesses against the other’s strengths, and vice versa.  After over a decade of creating together, Qulture Qreative became the face of our joint ventures.

D$ of QQ: Well put K! We met in 1996 and we co-produced our first event together in like 2000 or 2001, called “Kiss My Ass”-a reference to all of our naysayers that told us our concept would never work. The official name Qulture Qreative came much later but essentially this was the birth of Qulture Qreative. The concept was an all-inclusive (Straight, Gay, black white etc.) live performance dance party. This is important because of its ultimate success but more importantly because it sort of became our unintentional business model. Thinking outside of the box and creating new concepts that included art, performance and DJ’s. This success sort of taught us to trust our intuition, naysayers be damned! J

The CVAS: How did Qulture Qreative find its way down to the desert?

LA Kendall of QQ: Well originally our friend Jared Lovejoy was creative director at The Ace.  He also was a founding partner of our ‘zine, Hard Times, from back in its early days.  He brought us down to The Ace for Gay Pride as part of a weekend of west coast programming.  I DJ’d, we produced.  The next year, as luck would have it, David was in that position and we threw our 2nd year of parties in the desert.  By the 3rd year, David was rolling with the gang from Birba/Cheeky’s/Alcazar and we threw our third year of parties in the desert for Gay Pride.  This is our 4th year and our partnership with Birba/Cheeky’s/Alcazar feels like home.  David, of course, has lived down in the desert ‘In Season’ for nearly 3 years now and you can see the fruits of many of his labors around the properties at 622 Palm Canyon Drive.

D$ of QQ: Basically after my contract was up at the Ace Tara Lazar and Marco Rossetti (of Cheeky’s fame) told me about their new project a restaurant/lounge called Birba. They had sort of followed my work at the Ace and thought I would make a great addition to their team. I agreed and Birba was born. Along with the opening we executed many special events that first year and one of them was Compound.


David Richie of Qulture Qreative

David Richie of Qulture Qreative

What inspired you to produce Compound?

LA Kendall of QQ: We wanted to bring a queer alternative to the mainstream madness that is Gay Pride.  We try to work with up and coming artists as well as staples from every major city on the West Coast.  In the madness that is Gay Pride these days, in any city, I think we aspired to bring an excellent, intelligent alternative that makes people think, draws from the past, and where all types are welcome.  Plus, with the properties all connected, Compound made a lot of sense when David suggested it.

D$ of QQ: We love Palm Springs and like with everything we do we saw a void in the programming over gay pride weekend. The city sponsored gay pride is awesome but doesn’t leave a lot of room for alternative choices for “queer people”. Just like us there are locals that are hungry to see up and coming queer performers, DJ’s etc. Plus we know that a lot of our friends from the northwest love coming down here in November to get away from the rainy grey cold of Seattle and Portland so we wanted to offer these people a space to celebrate as well. Compound is this sort of west coast love train, featuring performers and artist from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


The CVAS: Okay, Double Duchess.  First off, thank you for putting me on them. How did you discover them and what can we look forward to when we see them here in Palm Springs?

LA Kendall of QQ: I saw that they played one of Heklina’s parties and was following their music on Facebook.  I feel like David and I became aware of them at the same time.  They are fun, and edgy, and I can’t f***in’ wait to see them throw DOWN.

D$ of QQ: Yeah I cannot remember exactly when I found out about the duo but as soon as I did I was hooked and maybe even a little obsessed. I just sort of love the chemistry between the two, something really special about what they are doing. I have been trying to find the right booking for them in Seattle forever but the stars just never aligned. I reached out to them about Palm Springs and they were totally on board. I have yet to see them live myself so we will all get to experience them for the first time together!

L.A. Kendall of Qulture Qreative

L.A. Kendall of Qulture Qreative


The CVAS: Tell me a little something about Lady Bear and why she’s a favorite…

LA Kendall of QQ: Um, well, first of all, I just love her.  I mean, big girl to big girl, it’s all real talk.  I love the face she gives.  The second year of parties we threw some of my favorite pictures of Lady Bear was the most glamorous looking pictures I’ve ever seen.  Last year she nearly sacrificed herself in the Birba fire pits as part of her number.  She’s just OUT THERE.  But smart, and funny and wonderful.  I also love Phyllis Navidad like a fat kid loves cake.  Did I mention that I’m obsessed with drag queens in general?

D$ of QQ: Kendall is kind of our in house Drag Queen Wrangler. She is basically a closeted drag queen! We are so lucky to have both of these queens; they are super magical people which make them really special as performers.

The CVAS: LGBTQQA…saaayyy whhhaaa?!  Please break it down.

LA Kendall of QQ: The alphabet soup that has become the gay community these days.  Seems like we just keep adding letters so people can feel included.  Sometimes when you see it on an advertisement, it’s a little much. I think we like to poke fun at it.  Not the part about making everyone feel included and safe, but the part where we become ridiculously politically correct and forget where we started.

D$ of QQ: (laughs) Back in April I wrote this piece for Hard Times Magazine called “Alphabet Soup” (Read here:http://hardtimesrevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/R2_HT12.pdf ) it really does kind of break it all down for you. But here is the most basic breakdown. L-Lesbian, G-Gay, B-Bisexual, T-Transgendered, Q-Queer also Q can mean Questioning (hence the double Q) I-is for Intersex and finally A-is for Ally. It is all a bit ridiculous but does come from a good place of trying to be inclusive which as we have mentioned a major goal on everything we produce.

The CVAS: What’s the future hold for Qulture Qreative?  I’m talking Seattle, but I’m also talking Palm Springs.  Do you have big plans for helping develop our queen scene out here?  If so, how?

LA Kendall of QQ: I’ll leave the Palm Springs development to David, and support him in his vision.  He’s been the guy on the ground there for the last 3 years.  But yes, I think that he’s already been doing that down there, and I think when we bring QQ to the table, that is definitely our intent.  It, the desert, is a magical place for us and our crew.  We’ve discussed many ideas, but ideas require backers and sponsors.  If you now anyone with cash to burn, send them our way!  As far as Seattle goes, we always have our fingers in different pots in Seattle. This last summer we produced shows like Trannyshack, Scream Club and Big Freedia and we work in partnership with Seattle PrideFest each year to produce the DJ stage and book some of the Main and Live stage entertainment.  That has been a relationship that grows each year.  I bet Seattle will see a little bit of our PS programming for Pride in June.  Just you watch!

D$ of QQ: I got some ideas but I don’t wanna give away all our secrets! PSP we love you!  Stay tuned!….


The CVAS:  To find out more information on Qulture Qreative and their movement, click the links below:

Qulture Qreative


Hard Times Press



Boring Clothing