Skateboarding is an art form that is often overlooked, and even more-so misunderstood.

Skateboarding, like art, is a self initiated expression.  Not reliant on a team, there is a special connection between the skater and their board.  Similar to the way a painter has a special connection with their brushes.  Although, a skater expresses themselves through complex physical movements by means of balance, grace, and guts.  And instead of producing a piece of art by means of a pushing brushes across a canvas, a completed piece for a skateboarder is a complex trick (with your board) that is landed with grace and style.

As one can imagine, because of this, skateboarders are highly creative people when on and off their boards.  

An example of such a creative spirit is local skater and artists, Jared Huss.  

On his board, Huss’s athleticism has granted him opportunities to travel with professional skateboard labels all across the United States.  Off his board Jared is a photographer, animator, video editor and artist. 

This Saturday Epidemic Skateboard Shop, in collaboration with The Coachella Valley Art Scene, will be showcasing his latest works in a first ever solo exhibition.  Featuring photography, collage, and various other mediums of artwork in a collection entitled “Free For All” by local artist and Epidemic team rider.

Jared’s creativity spills over from photography to mixed media to animation in “Free For All” – a vibrant collection of works inspired by Jared’s vast travels throughout the US, interactions within the pro skateboard world, and his desert roots.  Capturing the essence of contemporary skate culture and the vibrancy of the desert’s youth. 

So, without further ado…I present to you…local skateboarder and artist, Jared Huss…



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conducted by Sarah Scheideman of The Coachella Valley Art Scene
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Sarah of The Coachella Valley Art Scene: Tell us a little about where you are from. What city do you call home and what skate parks raised you?
Jared Huss: I was born and raised in beautiful Palm Springs, C.A. and Cathedral City is my home. Palm Desert Skate Park raised me and without that skate park I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, for sure.
The CVAS: How is skating going? Who do you skate for now? Are you currently filming any skate parts?
Jared Huss:  Skating is going really well , I recently fractured my ankle back in Feb., but am now fully recovered from it. My sponsers are Santa Cruz Skateboards, Bones Wheels, and Epidemic Skate Shop. Yes, I am actually filming for two videos, the new Bones video called “New Ground” which comes out in Feb. 2013 and the Santa Cruz video which comes out in Aug. 2013. I’m very excited to be working with both companies for there videos, it’s a dream come true.
The CVAS:  Can you tell us some of the places that you have traveled over this past year through skateboarding? 
Jared Huss:  Well, I didn’t do to much traveling this year, because of my ankle injury, but last year I traveled to Oregon, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas.
Photo by Jared Huss

Photo by Jared Huss

The CVAS: What’s your personal favorite trick you’ve ever done on a skateboard?
Jared Huss: My favorite trick is to just roll as fast as I possibly can, for example: down a hill, through traffic, because that’s where the most excitment is at.
The CVAS: Have you ever landed a trick on the first try and never been able to land it again?
Jared Huss: Not that I recall, but I have landed a trick and the photographer told me to do it again, because he missed it and I just straight up told him no, because the trick I landed was to frightning to do again.
The CVAS: A lot of people know you as a skater, but are also a great artist. What inspired you to get into experimenting with photography, animation and multi-media work?
Jared Huss:  Well I started taking photos with this digital camera I got from my step-mom when I was around 16 and when I would go on skate trips and etc. I would just take photos of bullshit and really seemed to enjoy it, but I really started taking it seriously when I took my first photography class at C.O.D. when I was 18. The animation thing came about when I had my fractured ankle. I would be sitting in my room pretty much all day long just on the comp. looking at my photos, footage and etc, basically just loosing my mind and then I had this idea that I should use the footage that Iv’e filmed of other people and mix it up, make it look totally different some how and then it hit me. I started tracing the skateboard tricks that I filmed of other people from my laptop to a piece of paper, then when I was done with that, I would scan each piece of paper, then I would put it all on a timeline in Final Cut Pro and edit it. The outcome was way better then I expected. The multi-media work also came about from having skate injuries. I tend to over annalize everything when I’m hurt and when I can’t get my fix through skating, I find it in other things, such as photography, random art work, etc.
photo by Jared Huss

photo by Jared Huss

The CVAS: How do you think being a skateboarder influences your art?? Or does it?
Jared Huss: Being a skateboarder def. influences my art, because skating helps you think outside the box and having that mentality can help you in other fields as well.
The CVAS: Let’s talk about these pieces that are featured at your first solo show, Free For All, inside Epidemic Skateboard Shop this Saturday. What is the time span on them and why did you choose to feature these particular pieces?
Jared Huss:  The pieces I chose are no older then 2 years old and I chose to feature these particular pieces, because they had the most sentimental value behind them. 
photo by Jared Huss

photo by Jared Huss

The CVAS: What does it mean to you to have your first show at Epidemic? What’d your relationship with them?
Jared Huss: Having my first art show at Epidemic means a lot to me, because there helping me turn my dream into reality and I’m also stoked to be having it at the skate shop I’m sponsered by.
The CVAS: Why the phrase, “Free for All”? 
Jared Huss: When I think of a ‘free for all’, I think of chaos, and that’s what my art show is going to be…
The CVAS: Who is the man on the event flyer and what’s the story behind the photo? 
Jared Huss: The man on flyer is Butch. He’s at Palm Springs Skate Park everyday just chillin and watching everyone skate. He’s a super rad dude.
The CVAS: I heard you were almost going to miss your art show because you’re going to Texas? What’s up with that? What’s going on out there?
Jared Huss: That is true. The day after the art show, I’m flying out to Texas to skate in this demo that’s on a pirate ship at Fun, Fun, Fun Fest., pretty hyped.
The CVAS: Define the term “Shurp” 
Jared Huss: Good times!
photo by Jared Huss

photo by Jared Huss