Thanksgiving is tomorrow and everyone and their momma is in town.  Your uber cool cousins from Los Angeles and New York are looking to you to entertain them tonight.  Where do you look??!?!?!

Have no fear, the Wednesday Night Rendezvous post is here!  This blog post is dedicated to those awkward Hump Days, those that always just seem to be in the way of your weekend.

So, back to your cousins… they want something to do tonight.  Right?!  Okay.  Well, lucky for us we have a little something for everyone, even all those who are uber cool.  

Check out our hand selected events below!  All feature local artists, and/or favorite local venues of ours.  

Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving!


a hipster thanksgivingx



Wednesday, November 21st 



Start your night off with a great film followed by fantastic intellectual conversation inside the Ace Hotel and Swim Club’s Commune.  Here is where the film freaks from the Palm Springs International Film Society will show off their cool collection of short films and and hang out.  So, do something you normally wouldn’t and go check it out!

info provided by the Palm Springs Film Society:

NOV 21 7:00PM // COMMUNE

The Palm Springs International Film Society is excited to introduce a new monthly screening event, ShortFest at the ACE.  On the third Wednesday of each month, ShortFest at the ACE will present themed film programs from the Palm Springs International ShortFest, the largest and most prestigious short film event in North America.

All will be screened for free in The Commune at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club Wednesday, starting at 7pm. Drinks will be served! Shorts will be shown! And hearts will be broken! Start your own love affair with short film at the Ace, every third Wednesday night of the month at 7pm.


    • SPECIAL DELIVERY (5 min.) – In which an overly resourceful mailman lets his unfortunate habit get in the way of his duly appointed rounds.
    • FLAMINGO PRIDE (6 min.) – One frustrated flamingo undergoes a rather unexpected identity crisis.
    • TALKING DOG FOR SALE (10 EUROS) (10 min.) – Spotting an ad for an unbelievably clever canine, a skeptical businessman decides to check it out for himself…
    • ELEVEN FIFTY SIX (6 min.) – A deeply distracted wife gets some amusingly unwelcome news from her scheming spouse.
    • SUGAR (7 min.) – When the buxom downstairs neighbor comes to borrow a cup of sugar, her upstairs admirer finds himself in a predicament that’s anything but sweet.
    • MARRY, F**K, KILL (2 min.) – A young married couple decide to pass the time by playing an innocent game. Until it’s not…
    • BUYER BEWARE (7 min.) – An idiot with an insatiable internet shopping habit buys a whole lot more than he bargained for.
    • MY RABBIT HOPPY (3 min.) – An innocent school assignment leads to amusingly unexpected consequences in this hysterical short from the land down under.
    • PRETTY LITTLE DOGGIE (7 min.) – A young woman with an adorable dog teaches a guy a lesson he probably needed to learn.
    • WHAT’S VIRGIN MEAN (3 min.) – An unexpected question from her daughter puts a mother on the spot.
  • ANGRY UNPAID HOOOKER (6 min.) – This is one girl you do not want to mess with…

Here is the link:



After you sat through your short films, you’re gonna want to move around and shake it off.  Where to go next?

There are many little bars in Downtown Palm Springs, but honestly there is nothing even close to the Dillion’s Roadhouse.  

The Dillion’s Roadhouse is one of the best dive bars in the whole Coachella Valley and if you want to get a little dirty before you have to clean up for Granny tomorrow, then I suggest you come here.


How insanely awesome is this flyer?!??!  Told you, best dive in town.

Here’s the info via the Facebook event page:


** some really great punk bands!!!!

Here is the Facebook link:

Here  xx


And if a scuzzy punk show in Desert Hot Springs doesn’t appeal to you, but you still are interested in catching some live music and hanging with some local cats, then make it on out to College of the Desert’s Open Mic night.  

Headlining act on the bill tonight is the brand new all-girl punk band from Indio, Las Feas.  I saw them perform last weekend in Indio and they have a lot of potential.  Check them out, should be a great show.

la feas

Info provided by the Facebook event page:

Come join us for a night of self expression with special guests Las Feas to open and close out the night.
Sign up early to make sure you have a spot to share some poetry/spoken word, comedy, or music with us.
And remember, our open mic nights are always free and full of good vibes. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you.



If none of the above appeal because you are just looking for a decent bar with good live music – then look no further. 

Tonight at The Hood bar in Palm Desert one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Giselle Woo & The Night Owls, will be performing all night long!  Giselle is a super sweet and talented human, and the owls that she travels with aren’t too shabby either. jk jk

giselle woo and the night owls

Check out Giselle Woo & The Night Owls here:

The Hood is located at



And if you just want to dip out of town really quick for a night out in the city, you don’t have to travel too far.  

Pomona, CA is only about an hour away and one of our hometown heroes, Alf Alpha, will be spinning at a super fun party.  

Fellow bloggers (specializing in hip hop music and IE happenings),, know how to have a good time, on a rooftop.  A big city feel with a big city sound, packing in a big city crowd.   If you you’re going to go out of town and do it – then do it big.

East of LA Presents

Information provided by EastofLA:

Join East of L.A for our monthly installment of our Rooftop Series at The Drink, located in the very elegant Fox Theater in Pomona, CA.
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

View full size:

NOW 18+. A party experience featuring two dance floors, six deejays, bottle service, drink specials, and live visuals.
W/ RSVP before 10:30p
$15 All Night
Text: 909-979-3652
(List closes at 6pm day of)

Rooftop Sounds (Hip Hop, House):
Lathon –
Alf Alpha –
D.HO –

Lounge Sounds (Beats, Classic Jams):
Gabe Real –
Jimbo Jenkins –
Arti –

Live Visuals
Major Gape –

The Drink at Fox Theater
150 W. 3rd St. Pomona, CA 91766

* * * * * * * * 
Thanks for tuning into The Coachella Valley Art Scene!
If you know about something going on tonight that we don’t have featured here, then please do shoot us an email!
Also, don’t forget…

This SATURDAY Night!


a monthly dance & craft party on the last Saturday of every month!
hosted by The Coachella Valley Art Scene
featuring the one & only, DJ ALF ALPHA!!!
watch the night unfold before your eyes at:!


 world famous party in palm springs with alf alpha and the coachella valley art scene
Event Info:

Bring your your whole family and all your friends!!!!….

Every last Saturday, DJ Alf Alpha and The Coachella Valley Art Scene host World Famous, a dance and craft party in the Amigo Room. Alf Alpha rocks the turntables from 10pm – 2am, spinning multi-genre party & dance music from around the globe. Outside on the Moroccan Patio, The Coachella Valley Art Scene offers a free craft table for when you need to take a break from the dance floor.

Alf Alpha is a DJ and producer born and raised in the Coachella Valley, currently living in LA. He’s an Ace and Palm Springs favorite, and he pley so good.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene, founded by mover & shaker Sarah Scheideman, is a cultural hub for local desert art and nightlife community, and aims to nurture and celebrate all the vibrant and nascent creative energy blossoming in the Valley. They are also not @$%&ing around when it comes to making art after a few drinks at the Amigo Room.

Who: The Coachella Valley Art Scene & Alf Alpha
WHat: World Famous – a dance & craft party
When: This Saturday, November 24th
Where: Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room
Address: 701 E Palm Canyon drive. Palm Springs, CA
Age: 21+
Time: 10pm – 2am
Why: Bcuz dancing and crafting is fun….duuuuuuhhh


Happy Thanksgiving!