*(photo above is of the Coachella Art Studios team on Sunday of weekend 2 at Coachella!  Big thanks to all of our creative friends for help making our interactive craft installation possible for what was our 4th year!)

We just came up for air after going hard in the paint this past Coachella weekend(s).  Woooooooooooo!  So amazing.

One of the best Coachella experiences that we have had in years.  The Coachella Art Studios went off!  Everyday we were packed and the most coolest things in the world/campgrounds were created under our tent.

The CVAS <3’s Coachella Fest so much.

However, we won’t bore you guys with all that gushy stuff right now.  We’ll get more into the whole Coachella Art Studios thing later next week once we have compiled all of our photos.  But, as for now, we shall return back to our regular program…The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Thanks for being patient!!!