Tonight is the last El Paseo Art Walk of the season so make sure to come on down and check out what your local art gallery scene is up to.  The Art Walk is always free and doors are always open…with some fine wine and cheese inside!
Doors are open from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, so don’t forget your sunblock and/or sunglasses (like you would ever leave home with out them anyways).
Need some recommendations as to what to check out?  Some of our favorites are Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Springs Art Museum – Palm Desert, Heather James Fine Art and Melissa Morgan Fine Art.
What are yours?? @TheCVArtScene on Twitter/Instagram to share your El Paseo Art Walk photos.
melissa morgan fine art
Visit these destination galleries on Artwalk Night!
A Gallery Fine Art        (760) 346-8885
79-956 El Paseo
Christian Hohmann Fine Art        (760) 346-4243
73-660 El Paseo
Christopher Morgan Galleries        (760) 568-0336
73-375 El Paseo Suite I
Coda Gallery       (760) 346-4661
73-151 El Paseo
Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert         (760) 346-5600
72-567 Highway 111

El Paseo ArtWalk at The Galen
Play With Words and Magnetic Message installations inspired by Beg Borrow and Steal
Thursday, May 2, 4 – 8 p.m.
Installation View:
Beg Borrow and Steal

The final El Paseo Artwalk of the 2012-

2013 season will happen on May 2. At the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, participants can enjoy free access to The Galen and Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden, participate in gallery talks, enjoy public programs, and explore the Annette Bloch Education Wing to see artwork from the museum’s Fine Arts Creativity Awards and Scholarship Program. After exploring the gallery, make your back to the Annette Bloch Education Wing for Play With Wordsand Magnetic Messages, two installations that premiered at the recent Art Party and inspired by the current exhibition Beg Borrow and Steal. We will also be airing segments from Art in the 21st Century, featuring artists Glenn Ligon, Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman, who are also featured in the gallery.

Ramey Fine Art        (760) 341-3800
73-400 El Paseo
von Wening Art        (760) 340-6711
73-585 El Paseo, Suite A1132
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