Looking for something interesting to get into this weekend?  Why don’t you explore the insides of an art gallery?  Thought provoking images, time traveling, and air conditioning…I don’t know about you, but it sounds like the perfect date to me.

Check out a few highlighted art exhibits that we have chosen below.  If you visit one of them @thecvartscene on instagram and/or titter and show us your photo (keep in low key in the art galleries though…sometimes photos aren’t allowed).





Lifework Gallery in Palm Springs

333 N Palm Canyon #118Palm SpringsCA.

LIFEWORK, is a contemporary gallery featuring cutting-edge artists, with a distinct focus on emerging artists. Choosing the arts as their life work, these artists represent the best of the best, presenting their view of the world in a way that is uniquely theirs.

Full current and upcoming show information:







 Saturday, April 20, royale projects : contemporary art will celebrate three artists who explore themes of urbanization in very different ways. Neon works by Australian artist Kristin McIver, paintings by Los Angeles artist Chris Oliveria, and installations of recycled material by Swedish born Pontus Willfors.


Kristin McIver
 borrows advertising’s tools of seduction – glamor, signage, emotive language, wit, and contemporary design – to bring to light the desires and aspirations prevalent in our hyper-consumer culture, exposing false realities that are imposed.




Chris Oliveria‘s abstract paintings are founded in a deep history of painting and its contemporary forms while being intuitively related to the streets of Los Angeles. Covered graffiti, temporary wall and home repairs, crosswalks, segmented lane markers and fluorescent construction paint on cement, all come to mind; as do works by Joseph Albers, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko, John McLaughlin and Fredrick Hammersley


Pontus Willfors challenges the way the viewer perceives everyday objects. He examines aspects of nature that are viewed by our society as product, nuisance or waste. Re-claimed 2 x 4s and trees that have been cut down and discarded fulfill an ordained destiny of decorative arrangement.Through sculptural exercises he addresses the power of our culture and its ability to manipulate nature and shape its surroundings.



Through vibrant webs of collaged and branded leather, cast metal sculpture and works of art that refract and reflect light, KAREN LOFGREN explores rituals, sacrifices and ideas that bind our culture involved in a journey from survival to success. Skins of pigs, cows, snakes, deer, and lambs are stitched together to represent pyramid chart structures used in the marketing of everything from international business to religion while alluding to home-spun versions of designer handbags and luxury goods. Bronze and aluminum castings of animals explore archaic ritual as readily as contemporary sculptural practice and ethereal pieces constructed of mirror offer cryptic reflections on systems of power, transformation, and mortality.







Heather James Fine Art, located in Palm Desert, CA, represents a world-class spectrum of art bridging genres including Impressionist and Modern, Classical, Post-War and Contemporary, American and Latin American, Old Masters, design, cutting-edge contemporary and photography.

Heather James Fine Art – Palm Desert
45188 Portola Avenue
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Phone: (760) 346-8926






COD Student Art Exhibition: April 29 – May 17, 2103
Artists’ Reception: Wednesday May 8, 5-7 pm
Open House: Saturday May 11, 11 am-3 pm

45140 Towne Street, Indio, California 92201
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