CVAC Presents: A Local Double Feature Screening

Two films from two Coachella Valley filmmakers will be screened at The Coachella Valley Art Center, 45-140 Towne St., Indio, CA. The screening will take place Friday, August 2nd, 2013. Doors will open at 7:00 PM. Donations will be accepted at the door (suggested donation: three dollars).

Save the date, make it out, and invite your friends! Discussions of the films will be held after each film.

The films presented will be:


1. CORTA LA SANDIA (Cut The Watermelon)


On a boiling summer day, high tempered young man, Cedric, arrives in his rural hometown of Blythe, CA for a family reunion.
Left stranded to wait in his old neighborhood by his sister, Gloria, a working prostitute, Cedric encounters old friends and new personalities
that build the tension of the day. As a broken relationship between siblings spills over, Gloria turns a trick with Paul, door to door ex-convict in search of his faith.

Runtime: 31 Minutes

Content: NR (Mature content: Language, suggested violence and sexual content)

Subtitles: English

Writer/Director: Daniel Wayne Lugo


CORTA LA SANDIA – COMING SOON SPRING 2013 from Daniel Wayne Lugo on Vimeo.





A meditation on the last day of an author who, over the course of the day, finishes a book, goes through his daily routines, turns his frustration with his peers inward, and makes a decision to break his routines.

Runtime: 88 Minutes

Content: NR (Mature content: Language, mature thematic elements, nudity)

Film made by: James Montenegro



*An addition to our screening we will be opening up with an episode from a new animated series by local creators Zachary Son-Finney and Jose Vazquez.

Below is a teaser for their new series!



Come on out and support your local filmmakers!!!

Friday, August 2nd at 7:00pm

Coachella Valley Art Center, 45-140 Towne St., Indio, CA